Document Quality Indicator

We are all familiar with tagging and how the so called wisdom of the crowd can help quality information reach the top of searches as part of a natural process.

However in a recent project we have experienced the opposite end of the spectrum, where our client required that the organization should be able to indicate in an unequivocal way the quality of a particular document.

This was particularly relevant to policies and procedures, where they wanted the policy owners to be able to indicate the best procedures, and flag up those where they felt more work was still required.

By using the Claromentis API we were able to rapidly develop a small extension to the document management system that allows for a 3 tier red – amber – green system to be applied to these documents and restrict this by the permission system to ensure that the control is applied appropriately.


The result is made very visible to the users using the traffic light approach, exactly as the client required.

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