Claromentis Arcade: What’s New in the Latest Version of Claromentis

We’re pleased to announce the release of the latest version of Claromentis, named Claromentis Arcade.

Our latest version is packed full of fun and interactive features, which is why we named it Arcade – after the gaming machines found in Brighton’s iconic Palace Pier. Let’s take a look at what’s new in Claromentis Arcade!


Claromentis Arcade’s flagship feature and the inspiration behind naming it so (arcade machines have lots of buttons, see?) is our brand new app, Buttons.

Buttons allow you to design, build, and manage your own fast-access links, providing engaging and interactive access to the apps you need.

You can create buttons from our extensive repository of icons and colours, or from your own designs and images.

Claromentis Buttons app

Create your own fast-access buttons in Claromentis Arcade

Buttons can be displayed on any page you build using our drag & drop content management system, so that you can target specific Buttons to specific team members.


A small but very mighty feature in Claromentis Arcade is the introduction of a font-picker in our intranet Design app. Choose from our extensive selection of pre-installed fonts (including a few novelty ones if you’re feeling fun) to customise your system and reflect your company’s branding.

Claromentis font picker

Font picker within the Claromentis Design app

Claromentis novelty font

Why not try out the novelty fonts?

Gravatar integration

Are your staff reluctant to add profile photos to their account? If so, this can result in a rather ugly-looking staff directory, with a sea of grey placeholder images instead of a lively selection of your employees’ fresh faces.

So we’ve added Gravatar integration to our People application, which allows you to choose from their colourful array of default images.

Placeholder people profiles

Gravatar people profiles

 Old grey placeholder images vs new Gravatar images

HR data retention tool

To help your business comply with GDPR, we’ve added a new data retention tool to our HR app. Here, you can set a time period for automatically and permanently deleting HR records after an employee leaves your company.

Claromentis HR data retention

Manage the deletion of employee records in our HR app

Mobile push notifications

Users can now receive push notifications directly on their smartphone whenever a new in-system message appears on their intranet.

Claromentis mobile push notifications

Choose to allow push notifications on your smartphone


We’ve boosted our search technology so that results will appear dynamically as you type into the search bar.

Claromentis dynamic searchSearch results dynamically appear as you type

More information

Click the link to download our full Claromentis Arcade release notes. If you have any questions about our new features, book a personal demo with us to get a VIP tour of our intranet!

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