How to Boost Employee Recognition with an E-Learning Add-On

Employee recognition comes in many forms, ranging from positive feedback delivered by senior leaders to peer-to-peer recognition amongst teams. Regardless of what an employee recognition programme looks like, what’s absolutely vital is that a company has one. 

Employee recognition is well known to increase motivation and employee engagement, improve employee retention and company culture, and ultimately lead to better business outcomes such as higher productivity levels and an increase in margins.

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And yet, it seems, many organisations are lacking a cohesive employee recognition strategy – meaning that employees are missing out on the culture of recognition they require to perform their best.

According to research by Gartner, just 24% of employees feel appreciated for their contributions. Worse still, the research revealed that business leaders favour office-based staff over their remote working counterparts, with 75% saying that on-site staff are more likely to be promoted.

Clearly, something needs to change to ensure employee recognition is readily available to everyone, no matter where they work.

So how do you give employees recognition in a way that’s scalable and fair for all? 

Here at Claromentis, we believe we’ve found the answer to making it as easy as possible for businesses to boost their employee recognition efforts thanks to our brand new app, LMS Triggers.

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Let’s take a look at how it will ramp up your recognition programme and help your employees feel valued.

How to boost your employee recognition programme with LMS Triggers

We’ve talked about how LMS Triggers transforms your employee onboarding processes and provides teams with a personalised intranet experience thanks to its integration with our intranet CMS. But it also boosts your employee recognition programme by automatically assigning employee rewards whenever a team member completes a learning course. Watch our video below to see how it works!


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In a nutshell, LMS Triggers connects our learning management system software to our employee recognition badges app, which is called (funnily enough) Badges. Badges allows managers and peers to reward employees with intranet badges to acknowledge their hard work, which are then displayed on their intranet user profile like digital medals.

Whilst Badges makes it easy for organisations to share employee appreciation, it does rely on team members putting in the work to manually assign a badge to each individual. For larger companies with hundreds or thousands of employees, or SMEs with limited staff that have little time on their hands, this is a lot of repetitive admin. 

We wanted to make the process as seamless and scalable as possible so that businesses can reap the benefits of employee recognition without the manual overhead, and that’s exactly what LMS Triggers achieves.

Available as an e-learning add-on via Claromentis Marketplace, LMS Triggers automates the admin associated with employee recognition. Your senior leaders can set up automations so that entire teams will be instantly rewarded when they complete an e-learning course on their intranet.


Boost employee recognition with LMS Triggers, which automatically awards badges to staff when they complete a course

Time-savings and the ability to scale aside, there are many ways in which LMS Triggers will help you build a successful employee recognition programme. 

Below we take a look at some great employee recognition ideas that are possible thanks to LMS Triggers.

3 employee recognition ideas that can be achieved using LMS Triggers

Improve the employee experience for both remote and on-site workers

The aforementioned study by Gartner revealed that remote employees were often overlooked compared to those who worked in the office. 

LMS Triggers helps you level the playing field by completely digitising the process of recognising employees. All training and employee recognition is handled virtually, rather than in a classroom or the office, ensuring that no one misses out on employee rewards because of their working location.

Strengthen your company values and advocacy

Company values are key to achieving business growth, and a big part of strengthening those values is to ensure your staff know about and embody them every day.

Try creating an e-learning course that demonstrates how teams can channel your organisation’s values on a daily basis, and use LMS Trigger to automatically reward staff who pass the course. 

By formally acknowledging people who champion your company values with employee recognition awards, this will motivate them to go the extra mile and become advocates of your business. 

Encourage personal development through gamification

Employee recognition awards are a prime example of gamification, and LMS Triggers makes it a whole lot easier to incorporate gamified elements into your personal development programme.

Using gamification techniques in your training programme increases engagement, course uptake, and motivation, so it should definitely form part of your personal development strategy. By using LMS Triggers to instantly reward staff when they pass a quiz, attend a training event, or complete a course, it will drive their inner motivation and encourage them to progress through their learning plan.

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