How to Reward and Engage Your Employees for Success

It’s no secret that employee recognition is a key ingredient to organisational success. 

Businesses that fail to reward employees and show appreciation for their hard work cannot expect their teams to produce their best. It is for this reason that over 80% of organisations have some form of employee recognition programme in place to reward employees for their positive contributions, behaviours and activities. 

However, as noted by Deloitte in a recent report probing the importance of employee recognition programmes and their effectiveness, while it’s commonly accepted that such programmes have a positive impact, they are often perceived as being difficult to implement and measure. 

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These difficulties must be overcome if businesses are to get the most out of the workforce, improve retention, and maximise performance across the organisation. 

According to figures compiled by Officevibe, 69% of employees say they would work harder if their efforts were more thoroughly acknowledged, while 78% say that being recognised motivates them to do a better job. 

Infographic showing employees will work harder if efforts are acknowledged

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These improvements reflect in business outcomes. As revealed in Deloitte’s report, employee engagement, productivity, and performance are 14% higher in organisations that have recognition programmes in place compared to those without recognition – while a 15% improvement in engagement can result in a 2% increase in margins. 

Image showing employee engagement as a result of employee onboarding

In this post, we explore how organisations can start to achieve these successes and master workplace appreciation through automating employee rewards via their learning management system (LMS) on a modern company intranet. 

Rewarding and engaging employees via a Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning management systems are a vital tool in the modern enterprise. 

For starters, a LMS significantly reduces corporate training expenses for both new and existing employees, allowing the simultaneous education of multiple workers, who can complete training programmes online no matter if they’re working remotely or in the office. A LMS also provides fully interactive learning environments that support various content formats – including text, audio, video, and gamified courses and content – to help employees enhance their skills and improve their company and career prospects.  

A good LMS platform can also be customised, allowing course leaders to create learning pathways and materials tailored to different learning styles and people on different rungs of the career ladder – be they new employees, managers, or corporate-level executives. 

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The list of LMS benefits for corporate training goes on and on. 

Crucially, however, for these benefits to be realised, the platform must be engaging. Employees must be motivated to complete course materials to the best of their ability – and that means acknowledging and rewarding their achievements in a timely and professional fashion. 

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Automate rewards and recognitions with LMS Triggers 

The process of distributing employee rewards should be as friction-free as possible. Managers and peers will be put off sharing recognition if the process for doing so is complicated and convoluted, so the quicker and easier it is to share kudos, the better. Automating the process of acknowledging staff for their hard work, accomplishments, and qualifications is the key. 

This is why the team at Claromentis created a dedicated LMS platform add-on called LMS Triggers.

LMS Triggers is an add-on module – available on Claromentis Marketplace – that organisations can use to extend the functionality of their Learning Management System and larger intranet environment. Implementing the module introduces a number of powerful automations that can vastly improve the employee recognition process across the whole organisation. 

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LMS and intranet administrators can use LMS Triggers to set up rules that automate certain actions when employees complete online training programmes and e-learning courses. 

For example, with LMS Triggers, rules can be set up so that once a training module is complete, the employee is automatically rewarded with an intranet badge which gets displayed on their profile. Earned badges are a fantastic recognition tool that allow you to show employees how much you value their commitment and efforts, and showcase their achievements, qualifications, and successes to the rest of the organisation – encouraging others to strive to accomplish the same. 


Use Claromentis LMS Triggers to automatically award staff with intranet badges

This is important for keeping employees engaged throughout learning and training programmes – particularly those undergoing the onboarding process. Workers who feel encouraged and supported by their managers and recognised for their efforts right from the very start of their journey with a company are less likely to quit or resign, and more likely to maintain the quality of performance they know garners praise and recognition throughout the rest of their role. 

By automating badge assignment, LMS Triggers makes it much easier for managers to recognise their team’s achievements and to build an ongoing employee recognition programme.

As well as badges, LMS Triggers can be used in even more innovative ways to build personalised intranets for every team member and thereby encourage greater and greater engagement. For example, the intranet can be set up so that new employees see only a limited version of it until they pass the induction course – at which point, they will be immediately presented with a new intranet design with more advanced features. The further they go and the more they achieve with their training, the more intranet features they unlock – encouraging ongoing learning and motivating staff to accomplish more as they know they will be rewarded and recognised for doing so.


Using Claromentis LMS Triggers, your administrators can set up rules that automatically change a team member’s intranet design when they complete an e-learning course

Final thoughts

Everything an organisation can do to help improve employee engagement, retention, and performance should be given due care and attention. This is because of the staggering figures that reveal the extent of recruitment failures across all job levels. 

New-hire failure rates, by job level

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The simple yet often-overlooked method of proper recognition to keep employees motivated, engaged and striving for success during onboarding and ongoing training programmes can help improve an organisation’s chances of success with each and every employee. 

Organisations that wish to maximise employee engagement should view rewards and recognition as an effective means to increase workplace enthusiasm, increase morale, and improve productivity and business results. Powerful tools like LMS Triggers can help companies achieve these outcomes simply and quickly.



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