Ten Reasons Why You Need E-learning in Your Workplace

As e-learning has grown, more and more companies are seeing the benefits of switching some or all of their training over to e-learning methods. Although e-learning can be expensive initially to implement, it pays off each and every time an employee completes a course. E-learning is not only cheaper than traditional learning but it is also more efficient too, cutting down significantly on the course and instruction time. Here are the top ten reasons to make the change today.

1. Employees will be more productive

One of the most obvious reasons for investing in e-learning is to develop your employees’ skills and knowledge. By doing this, you’ll notice that your employees become more productive, as they have the training they need to perform better than before. Not only can e-learning develop employees’ skills and knowledge so they can perform their role better, but it can also help employees develop better interpersonal and team working skills. This can create harmony and boost efficiency as team members work in synergy with each other.

2. They’ll remember what they’ve learned

By engaging employees, e-learning can help employees retain the information they learn through the interactive courses they complete. When appropriate real-life examples, media and assessment questions are used, these different formats can help employees to relate to what they are learning. This can then make it easier to recall at a later date. It also helps to make the training more enjoyable.

3. Online courses are easy to update

A large benefit to e-learning and one that is easily overlooked, is the ability to update any course, anytime. This feature means that you can quickly and easily ensure that your employees have the latest information on different e-learning topics. So if a company policy updates and you want to make sure all employees know about it, you can update the e-learning available. Equally, if you feel that employees need training on a new technology that has just been released, you can provide e-learning training to cover this.

4. Employees can choose when and where to access training

One of the top benefits to employees of e-learning is that they can choose when and where to complete their training. They can also complete their training over several sessions or all in one session. This means e-learning can be flexible around your employees’ work, allowing them to complete essential training without falling behind on essential tasks. Plus, as the courses are always there, should your employee wish to refresh their training on a particular topic, they can. This means happier and better-informed employees, which leads to a more productive workplace.

5. No more need to hire trainers to deliver courses in-house

With e-learning, you no longer need to hire trainers to come and deliver training in-house anymore. You may wish to hire a trainer when creating your e-learning to make the course more interactive (with a video trainer for example). However, you will not need to hire training venues and other arrangements for physical trainers, every time your employee needs training in a course now offered through e-learning. This can mean huge savings and allows employees more freedom when accessing courses.

6. Employees can go at their own pace

Compared to traditional training, where employees are forced to follow the pace of the trainer and their co-workers, e-learning allows employees to choose their own pace to complete courses. So employees can choose to go faster or slower through their e-learning courses depending on their needs. They can also revisit areas they have previously studied in order to refresh their memory. This freedom has been shown to make employees more productive and effective at completing e-learning courses, significantly reducing course durations when compared to a traditional physical trainer session. It also allows employees to absorb information more readily, thus improving their retention of it.

7. Training costs will be significantly reduced

By removing the need for printed handouts, physical trainers, facilities and rooms, and not to mention blocking working time out of all employees’ working days to attend an offline training session, you’ll find that your training costs are significantly reduced. By allowing employees to access e-learning at a time that is convenient for them, and having all of the necessary resources available on your learning platform as well, the cost of each training session is greatly reduced. Although the initial cost of each e-learning course may be higher than one training session on the same topic, as more employees access and use the training, the cost of each employee completing the training quickly reduces. By providing a full learning management system, you’ll also find it easier to track when each employee has completed a course.

8. Compulsory training and records of learning

Through dynamic learning records, e-learning can completely reshape the way you deliver and track essential training, such as workplace health and safety courses. Because the e-learning is quick and easy to update, it can take the hassle out of policy updates, as you can easily update a course with the new information in a matter of moments. With learning logs, you can also see when staff members have completed certain courses and also see who still needs to complete them. This is especially useful if you have mandatory training that you require all staff to complete, such as inductions, fire safety, and workplace assessments.

9. Information and resources at your fingertips

Because e-learning is always online, employees can easily access the information they need, any time they need it. This can improve working practices as employees can check their understanding and develop their knowledge throughout their normal work whenever they have a spare moment.

10. Happy and engaged employees

By providing a fun and engaging way to improve your employees’ skills and knowledge, you’ll find that they are better and more productive at their work. You’ll also notice that because they have the knowledge to do their work more efficiently, they’re also generally less stressed and happier at work. Learning team working skills, they may be performing better with their co-workers and developing new and interesting ideas to push the business forward in the future. This develops their loyalty to you, while you offer them the ability to shape their learning and develop as individuals at their own pace. This also helps to reduce staff turnover rates.

So there you have it, the top ten reasons why e-learning should be a part of your business offer today. After all, who wouldn’t want to save money, make their employees work better, cut staff turnover rates, improve productivity and offer a bespoke package of training 24 hours a day, seven days a week?

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