4 Ways Your Intranet Can Improve Your Corporate Training Strategy

4 Ways Your Intranet Can Improve Your Corporate Training Strategy | Claromentis

Intranet software has a host of uses and benefits. It can be used to deliver regular updates, run employee reports and improve collaboration between team members. It is convenient to use, can be offered to remote as well as local workers, and can even improve employee engagement and morale. But enough about the obvious. Did you know intranet software can be used to schedule, build, and assess training courses and certifications as well? If not, here’s a list of 4 ways that intranet software does this:

1. Onboarding

Employee onboarding is a critical step in the employee selection process, but providing documentation and answering questions from every new employee can take your staff away from their mission-critical everyday tasks.

Using digital workplace software, you can manage your entire onboarding process in one central place. New employees can register their details, set up an intranet account, and then access company documentation and basic training.

While the intranet shouldn’t completely replace human interaction, it can supplement it. You can even have an onboarding course that ensures your new employees understand what they’ve read, and make sure that they know how to properly use the software.

Claromentis E-Learning Course

Create an onboarding course to test new employees on their newly acquired knowledge

2. Interactive tutorials

You can create tutorials that walk employees through any process step by step. Whether it’s simple tasks, like properly storing and titling documents, or complex procedures that are specific to your business and your industry, offering interactive tutorials empowers your employees and can save you time and resources in the long run.

Making the tutorials interactive means that participants are more likely to remember the steps that they have to take and the work that they need to do.

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3. Participant reporting

Different employees and different groups of employees are likely to have to sit different tests and complete different courses.

With effective intranet software, not only can you offer all of the appropriate courses, but you can monitor who is supposed to be taking the tests, who has completed, who has earned certificates, and those that might need more assistance than virtual testing can provide. Reports can be run automatically, or they can be completed on the fly, according to your needs.

Claromentis e-learning reporting

Run automatic reports to gain insights into employees’ test progress

4. Course scheduling

Training and courses are important. They enable employees to more effectively complete their work and finish tasks. They also ensure that your business employs skilled staff, without having to invest huge resources in regular training sessions. However, training should not come at the detriment of your daily tasks. Through automated scheduling and a live calendar system, you can arrange courses and training, send reminders to participants and reschedule and reappoint tasks as necessary.

Your intranet will ensure that employees are not being overwhelmed, that they are not missing important meetings or tasks because of training, and it will help set a schedule that works for everybody.

Claromentis training calendar

Using your intranet calendar will help employees schedule their training around meetings and day-to-day tasks

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