Online Intranet Software: The Best Way to Engage Employees?

Employee intranet software is becoming more and more popular as businesses strive to find new and innovative ways to engage their employees. Online intranet software allows employees to connect and access important company information from anywhere in the world. This is a huge advantage for the many businesses that have embraced remote work. 

According to the Future Workforce Pulse Report, over 56% of Americans are remote workers, and over 36 million will work remotely by 2025. 



Infographic image showing statistics of teams using Online Intranet Software

This blog post will discuss the benefits of online intranet software and how it can help your business improve engagement among employees.

What is employee engagement, and why is it important?

Employee engagement is a critical component of any successful business. It can be defined as the extent to which employees feel enthusiastic about their work and are committed to their organization. 

Why is staff engagement so important? There are several reasons: 

  • Engaged employees produce better work: According to a study by Gallup, businesses with highly engaged employees are more resilient to challenges in the business environment. This is because staff go above and beyond the call of duty – when employees are engaged, they are more productive, creative and deliver better customer service. They also tend to be less stressed and have fewer sick days. 
  • Higher profits: A study by the Aberdeen Group found that 67% of companies with a formal engagement strategy are more likely to deliver higher profits. 
  • Engaged employees are less likely to leave their jobs: A study by the International Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization finds that high staff engagement reduces staff turnover. High staff turnover can be costly in terms of recruitment and training costs as well as disruptive to a business when key employees have to be constantly replaced. Engaged employees are also more likely to recommend their company as a good place to work. This is a good way for a company to attract high-caliber talent. 


How intranet software improves engagement

An employee intranet solution can play an essential role in improving staff engagement. When used effectively, it can help connect employees, improve internal communication and streamline knowledge management. 

Intranet software improves staff engagement in several ways: 

  • It allows employees to connect: The intranet is a virtual space that fosters digital employee communication. They can share ideas and collaborate on projects. This helps build relationships among coworkers and encourages teamwork. 
  • It provides easy access to important company information: An intranet houses all of the important information employees need to do their jobs. This includes company policies, job descriptions, contact information and training materials. 
  • Easy onboarding: With a powerful intranet, new employees can be quickly onboarded when they join the company. Recruits can be made to feel at home. For example, they can be given a virtual tour of the company, watch a personalized welcome message from the CEO, be introduced to their coworkers, and get access to important documents to fast-track their orientation.
  • It helps employees stay up-to-date with what’s going on in the company: An intranet is a great way for employees to keep up with news and events in the company. For example, they can read about new products or services, changes in policy and upcoming events. 
  • It encourages employee participation: Employees are more likely to participate in activities when they have access to intranet software. This can include submitting ideas for improvement, participating in surveys, or taking training courses. 
  • Knowledge sharing: The intranet is a great way for employees to share knowledge with one another. They can post articles, videos, or images that they think would be of interest to their coworkers.

All the above improve employee experience which is the key factor in engagement. 

Conclusion: choosing intranet software

Unfortunately, company intranets were not created equal. Some intranet solutions have a poor design and many organizations don’t think critically about their intranet strategy. This may explain why Gallup found that only 36% of US workers are engaged at work despite many companies having legacy intranet platforms. 

So, what should you look for when choosing intranet software to ensure you improve staff engagement? 

When choosing your intranet software, it is important first to consider the needs of your business and the preferences of your employees. 

Any enterprise grade intranet software whose primary purpose is to stimulate staff engagement must have the following features:

  • Social intranet platform: The intranet should provide a variety of social networking tools that allow internal communications. This includes features such as asynchronous intranet messaging, forums, collaboration tools, quizzes and notifications.
  • Information management features: The intranet should also have a raft of information management features. This includes features such as document management, content management (intranet CMS), records management, an employee directory, news sections, a knowledge base, blogs, announcements and an intranet search engine. All of these should be easily accessible including via mobile devices.
  • Self-service productivity suite: The employee intranet should also include self-service productivity tools. These tools allow employees to manage their own time and work more effectively. This includes features such as a calendar, event manager, task lists, time tracking, automated workflows and goal setting functionality.

When it comes to staff engagement, intranet software is one of the best ways to catalyze change in your digital workplace. By providing a platform where employees can communicate, stay up-to-in touch with company news and events and participate in activities, you create an environment where they can thrive. 



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