Stay connected during COVID-19

Learn how to keep your staff connected, productive, and motivated during the pandemic with our resources.

Bring remote teams together

Claromentis gives your remote teams a digital workplace to call home. With all your apps in one place, your teams can work productively from anywhere

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Keep remote staff connected

Bring communication and collaboration to life with tools that connect your teams to their work, tasks, and each other

Get more efficient

Use automated e-forms and workflows to free your staff from manual, office-based processes, save on paperwork, and boost internal SLAs

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Recognise and reward staff

Motivate and appreciate your staff with kudos and digital rewards that align with your core company values

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Create a digital company culture

Build a thriving company culture in your digital workplace using social tools, collaboration spaces, and employee engagement apps

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Communicate in a crisis using Announcements

Communicating effectively in a crisis is essential to minimising disruption. Use Announcements to push important updates, keeping every member of staff informed during unexpected events.

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How to Make Company Culture Thrive in the Digital Workplace

With most people having to work from home to adhere to social distancing measures, how can you replicate office culture digitally? Get your copy of our guide to learn how to build a thriving digital workplace culture.

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Blogs to help you thrive in turbulent times

Learn how to motivate and engage staff, adjust to remote working, and combat isolation with our dedicated blogs

Give staff a workplace to call home

Access every app, share information, and collaborate in one central workplace. Try Claromentis now or book a demo with our experts.