Tracking Individual Skill Development and Learning on Intranet Profiles

In the digital workplace the benefit of a consistent user experience and true integration are clearly of critical importance.

In the case of the Learning Management System this is particularly clear. In any user-centric system  – and in our view all digital workplaces should be user centric – the skills and training of the users are a critical part of making your corporate intranet a success. We all want to find people with the right skills and experience to help us – either directly or by reviewing their contributions.

In the integrated workplace we can assess those skills, and keep track of them, in several key areas

By endorsements from other staff

The intranet allows us to endorse other users for skills. This is a great way for the community to help us find people with the right skills – even if they may not have formal training in that area.

people endorsements

By training records

As we complete modules and pathways in the learning management system our profiles are automatically updated.

By their contributions to information management

We can easily see their contribution to applications such as Knowledge Base – they may even be subject matter experts allowing them to endorse answers as of particular accuracy or quality.

By their social participation

All of our interactions, replies, likes, and of course social posts are automatically written to my wall so users can review at any time. And of course the wall itself is part of the same integrated profile.

Claromentis Collaboration Software

Integrated / consistent display of all relevant skills and training

There is no reason why any learning and development system should be separate from the intranet – they should be critical areas of the digital workplace and be part of the same, integrated system.

There is no duplication, no need for any involvement from managers or HR. As we complete training the relevant records and certificates are naturally added to our profiles – as it is the same integrated system. Endorsements are there – and so are all of my interactions on my wall.


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