Task management software in charity & non-profit work

author Brett Dixon, March 31, 2017

When you are working with a charity or your work is not for profit, it is important to make sure that you are utilising your budgets effectively – more so than in any other organisation – as every penny really does make a huge difference to the bottom line. Each charity will have its own funds that it works to, but anything that takes away from these also takes away from how much support the charity can give. When projects are managed inefficiently or overrun, this has cost implications. It is therefore crucial that this does not happen and that all work is streamlined and effective.

This is made all the more complex by the fact many non-profits will be juggling more than one project at the same time. If these are not managed correctly, it will result in wasted time and money – a luxury that cannot be afforded to charities. However, it isn’t all doom and gloom and there are ways in which this can be overcome to ensure problems don’t escalate.

Digital task management software is used in many industries – from HR to IT, marketing to education, enterprise to finance, franchises to health care – and also by charities and non-profits. Although there are hundreds of different applications to choose from on the market, Claromentis is particularly suited to the way in which non-profits are organised and their future visions.

So what can it be used for?

Task management software essentially operates as part of an internet platform. It helps to create improved communication and collaboration, and also allows you to streamline your business processes. Task management is sometimes referred to as ‘project management’ and in essence, they both do the same thing. It is about ensuring any tasks or projects are run efficiently and all members of the team are on the same page when it comes to what needs to be done. It improves both efficiency and productivity.

Effective task management

The first thing you will find about your task management software is that you have a project dashboard. This allows anyone who accesses the site to get a clear overview of everything happening in one central place. This is particularly useful if your charity or non-profit is located in a number of different buildings or locations as everyone can work in a single space regardless. They are able to learn more about the project details, see a progress indicator (and check for where tasks aren’t being completed) and see a RAG status. It is also possible to see all recent updates.

It doesn’t matter how busy your charity or non-profit is, you can create an unlimited number of tasks using intranet software, which can then be assigned to a project. They will be very detailed and will include a description, due date, priority ranking and information on assigned resources. This means that all staff and managers can see what needs doing.

A digital workplace helps to increase productivity as, if the ball gets dropped on any particular task, it will be immediately clear that it needs to be completed by someone. It is also clear to see who is responsible for what element and enables all members of the team to take responsibility. It also means that even if you’re not working on a particular project, you can stay in the loop about everything your charity or non-profit is doing.

Your projects

Charities and non-profits will often be running multiple projects at the same time. You can create as many projects as you like on your task management software using either a pre-defined template or by starting from scratch. If you are duplicating projects, you can also repeat them to save having to pre-fill out all the information again.

Alongside being able to add images, client information, full descriptions and project codes to really build on how organised you can be, you are also able to add fully customisable metadata and can integrate relevant workflows such as your risk assessments into the projects to ensure everything required is in one place and is accessible. Having controlled document management in place also protects your information against being lost, stolen or damaged – in the event of this happening, it can have severe and costly repercussions.

Why you need task management software?

Alongside the benefits of improving your workplace efficiency and productivity, task management software can be particularly useful if those managing projects at your charity or non-profit don’t have prior experience with project management and the tools required. This can often be the case when you’re working with volunteers who won’t have had the professional training required.

Additionally, having task management software in place helps charities and non-profits show their work and processes, identify where profits and budget have been allocated, and creates an added layer of accountability. This is particularly key when applying for grants or additional funding and having to present how money will be well spent and goals will be achieved.

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