[New Version] Claromentis South Downs: Why This is Our Most Unique Software Release Yet

The new year has finally arrived, and here at Claromentis we’re starting 2021 on a much-needed positive note by releasing a brand new version of our digital workplace software: Claromentis South Downs v8.11. And this version is rather special.

Our latest release is truly unique, because every single new feature in it originated from ideas submitted by our lovely customers. This is a Claromentis first, and we’re so thrilled to have had the opportunity to dedicate our first release of 2021 to the people who love and use our software every day.

Here’s what’s new in Claromentis South Downs v8.11:

Time-saving e-forms and workflows improvements

Our popular e-forms and workflows software streamlines internal business processes, reduces human error, and saves valuable time.

In Claromentis South Downs v8.11, we’ve added several enhancements to our e-forms and workflows software, including new filters, improved error handling, and a new tickets list export, making it even more powerful.


Export your list of tickets in a single click


Policy Manager personalisation features

We focus on providing customisable software for our customers, and this version of Claromentis is no exception. We’ve added extra personalisation features to our Policy Manager application, including the ability to customise the acceptance text of each policy, so that you can tailor the message to suit the content.


Customise the acceptance text of your policies


Better intranet search

It’s frustrating when you can’t find what you’re looking for. We’re always optimising our intranet search capabilities so that customers can find the information they need as quickly and efficiently as possible. This version, we’ve added improvements to our intranet search so that results are even more relevant to users’ queries.


Get a better view of your projects

Our Project Management software helps your teams manage their tasks and projects within the comfort of your own intranet, with no app-switching necessary. In our latest version, we’ve added more configuration options to our Projects homepage widgets which allows you to customise the content displayed. Now, you can change handy settings such as which projects and tasks to show, as well as sort by urgency, due date, progress, and more.


Configure which content to show on the Projects homepage widget


The story behind Claromentis South Downs v8.11

We chose to name Claromentis v8.11 after the South Downs National Park, which is a range of beautiful hills, slopes, vines, and woodlands that stretches 87 miles across the south of England, from Hampshire to East Sussex. We thought that the South Downs – with its collection of diverse landscapes that form one complete landmark – was a perfect metaphor for this version of Claromentis, which encompasses a variety of improvements and ideas from our customers to form a whole.


Houghton Forest in the South Downs, by Ivan Bandura (Head of Design at Claromentis)



Seaford Head in the South Downs, by Andy Taylor (Senior PHP Developer at Claromentis)


More information

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