How an Intranet System Can Change Your HR Department

If your HR department doesn’t currently have an intranet system in place, you’ll be very unaware of just how much it can help your business. Ranging from improving communications to building team morale, streamlining processes to boosting efficiency, it is the hub you need in your office.

A digital workplace may seem daunting but adapting to change will help your workplace in the long run. It’s time to move things online and leave behind a life of paperwork and filing cabinets. Here’s why it is so beneficial.

Access remotely

Your intranet system will be a space that is only available to your team; you can access it remotely from wherever you are. This is particularly beneficial if you have many offices as you can all come together in one space. It’s also ideal if you work across different departments, regions or countries. Likewise, if you have staff who work from home, they can also stay in the loop at all times.

Advertising jobs

As part of human resources, advertising jobs is a large part of what you do. Your intranet platform is a great place in which you can source staff internally. This is the best kind of recruitment a lot of the time as they’re already trained in the ethos and mindset of your company, they understand protocol and they’ve built up a positive reputation within the team.

Posting jobs on your intranet system also saves the cost of paying for an external recruiter, if this is something you’re familiar with doing, or paying job sites to list your advertisement.

Staff profiles

In large companies, it can often be hard to keep track of who everyone is. As a human resources department, it is particularly important that you know. Your intranet system is a great place to keep staff profiles. You can add a photograph, contact details and any other relevant information.

It helps to bring people together when they know who they’re communicating with on e-mail and can recognise them at meetings, etc.

It’s also possible to put in place an infographic that shows the organisational structure of your team in terms of management, leadership, etc. This helps others working with you to know who is responsible for what and who they should go to in what event.

Policies & procedures

In times gone by, your policies and procedures would be stored in vast filing cabinets and sent round the team on e-mails or as letters that would likely get misplaced. With an intranet system, you can upload them all to one hub for everyone to see whenever required.

As policies and procedures change, you can update as you go along. If you have a lot of information uploaded, it is possible to organise in a clear and easy-to-manage way – such as alphabetically – to ensure people can easily find what they need.

Staff surveys

If you want to find out more about how your staff are feeling, your intranet hub is a great place to upload staff surveys. Adding incentives for them filling it out will likely improve how much they participate – but from their answers, you will be able to work on creating a more improved, efficient and positive workplace environment for them. You’ll also be able to address any problems and nip them in the bud before they escalate.


Although you will likely still run in-person training sessions, your intranet hub is a great space for uploading e-learning, training and courses software. It saves on staff having to travel to one location for something that they could do from their own desk. This therefore saves on productivity and time and means they can quickly resume the work they were originally doing once complete.

Salary and pensions

Often staff will want to know from time-to-time about the staff benefits, pension schemes, salary scales, etc. This is something that you can upload to your intranet system so staff can find everything they need in one place. This will save on people coming to you for basic information and will mean your HR department can focus on the bigger tasks that need completing each day.

In terms of staff benefits, this is a great place to sell to employees all the great advantages they have of working for your company. From how many days holiday they get to any bonuses available, to any incentives that your business is part of.

They’ll also be able to find out about whether opportunities to work from home are available, what your position is on flexible working, etc. You’ll be able to include the financial, personal and professional benefits and any health and well-being packages you may have in place.

Easy communication

Your intranet hub is a great way of being able to easily stay in contact with all the team thanks to collaboration software and corporate social networking. Forget worrying over what e-mail address you need – you’ll be able to speak with people instantly and effectively.

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