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Innovation and integration have long been identified as  two areas where IT can help companies in their drive for growth.

For both of these permissions are extremely relevant. Innovation needs partnerships with external parties to maintain growth through sharing expertise and essentially bringing back to the center innovation where it can be used to drive the company forwards. Similarly integration needs permissions to facilitate the sharing of expertise and ideas across organizational silos.

When involved in setting up the actual permission systems for some of our customers I am often convinced that they are lost in the details, and not thinking about either innovation or integration – they are instead lost in a world of command and control vs. open access.

Some publishing workflows “must” for example have two levels of approval. This is a current requirement for us with a very large company. As an intranet vendor with a consultancy practice perhaps we should be more open, and just ask “Why”? Instead we will deliver exactly what the customer needs.

Of course in certain areas absolute quality of information is extremely significant – one would not want to allow an earnings report to be published with the wrong data, or the Chairman’s annual statement to be released to employees with obvious spelling errors.

But both innovation and integration require powerful collaboration across disparate participants – and the earnings report is relevant to neither. What is required for many companies is an accurate enterprise wide analysis of what is to be gained from what kind of integration or innovation between what groups of stakeholders  – and then a similar analysis of how open each type of collaboration should be. Only then can an Intranet and Extranet permission system be designed to drive growth in these challenging times.

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1 thought on “Intranet Software Permissions
  • Deciding on the best way to configure the comprehensive permission system that is available in Claromentis was historically a lengthy process, involving in depth discussions with any number of individuals, representing different areas of the business.

    This often over complicated the use of the permissions and left document and content administrators with permission options that made uploading new content an unattractive proposition. Having to select the appropriate groups from an over-complicated selection, combining that with a couple of roles, and perhaps a few individual user accounts for good measure, was all just a bit too much.

    Claromentis identified that this trend of over-complicating the permissions with the “just because we can” attitude was an inefficient and ineffective use of the permissions.

    As an Intranet specialist, Claromentis have begun to take a more pro-active approach to giving solid and sound advice about appropriate ways to begin configuring the permissions. Not only does this ensure that the project is pushed forward with less haste, but it also sets an manageable and sensible platform for the content administrators to get started with the single biggest task of implementing an intranet; populating it with useful and attractive information!

    And of course, the comprehensive permission system that all Claromentis software evolves around, is always scalable, should you ever wish to begin over-complicating things!!!

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