Intranet Opportunities Are Endless in Claromentis 8.2

Modern intranets are incredibly sophisticated these days. Take Claromentis for example; the latest version of our software lets users of all skillsets and backgrounds build personalised intranets for their teams, just with a few clicks. Intranet capabilities like this were unheard of a few years ago, and it’s a remarkable example of how business software has advanced to meet user needs.

Consumer-style business software

Of course, progress in the business software industry doesn’t stop there. The business landscape is constantly changing, with the current focus on providing consumer style apps for employees. This trend hones in on the idea that a personalised user experience is key to engagement, something that’s prevalent in the consumer apps employees use at home. By bringing in the successful elements of consumer apps into business software, it follows that employees will be more engaged and receptive to the systems they use at work.

Personalisation in Claromentis 8.2

A personalised user experience is something we’ve focused on in the recent versions of Claromentis, where users are able to build and design their own intranet for their teams using our drag and drop app, Pages. This level of autonomy is something we’re incredibly excited about, and we love being able to deliver software that’s in direct response to our customers’ needs.

But in the spirit of the ever-changing nature of business software, we’re also excited by the release of a transformative new feature in Claromentis 8.2 that opens endless intranet opportunities. As always, we’re looking at new and intuitive ways to enhance our customers’ intranet experience, so we’ve extended our software to provide even more customisability.

Our intranet builder app, Pages, now comes with a brand new tool that allows users to embed their own code, videos, and websites into their intranet software, opening endless opportunities for a truly personalised system.

Expand your intranet

The ability to embed your own code, videos, and external websites means you can expand your intranet endlessly. It means that your intranet will not only display the data and tools within the system itself, it will contain external features that you choose to embed, whether that’s a Google Drive document, iFrame-compatible websites, YouTube videos, and more. Embedding HTML code adds an extra layer of intranet potential, where the more technically-minded can get creative.

Take a look at our video below which shows how easy it is to embed external content on your intranet!

In less than a minute, we’ve added three completely different blocks of content to the homepage, merging external business tools and intranet apps into a single integrated digital workplace.

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