How To Break Down Communication Silos With A Modern, Cloud-Based Intranet Software Solution

In most businesses, a huge volume of information is generated every day. Data plays an important role in operations and service delivery by empowering staff to make informed decisions to improve efficiency and competitiveness and achieve growth. But when departments become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information and don’t have the mechanics – or commitment – to share such information with other parts of the business, communication silos evolve.



Communication silos benefit nobody in business. As departments hoard information, communication, collaboration, and efficiency suffer. Businesses weighed down by siloes can’t make informed decisions, lucrative growth opportunities are lost, and the reverberations are felt across the organization, in the supply chain, inventory, sales, distribution, and marketing.

How a company intranet can break down communication silos

Modern, cloud-based intranet software solutions can help break down communication silos and promote collaboration and communication across a business – thereby achieving a quick return on investment (ROI) by improving workplace efficiency and productivity.

How a company intranet can break down communication silos

In successful businesses, knowledge underpins and shapes all business activity. However, when a communication silo develops, it is impossible for teams to achieve optimum productivity and decision-making capabilities. Without these, the organization simply cannot deliver the high performance that is essential for it to remain competitive.

A bespoke intranet solution will:

  • Centralize business data to improve access and visibility across the company.
  • Eradicate duplications and loss of time by facilitating a single version of the truth that all teams and departments can access and amend.
  • Provide more incisive search capabilities so staff can pull down the data they need more quickly, without spending time unproductively hunting for the required information.
  • Improve communication between teams, eliminating confusion and eradicating knowledge black holes that lead to missed opportunities and poorly informed decision-making.
  • Enhance your employees’ ability to quickly solve problems by devising relevant solutions.
  • Improve employee engagement, resulting in better staff retention and lower recruitment and onboarding costs, and reducing the problem of knowledge migrating to other companies.

The key features of a cloud-based intranet solution

If communication silos are a problem in your business, an intranet solution can be designed and deployed to target the problem, with a multitude of tools to help you to overcome the challenges including:

  • Document management systems.
  • Advanced search capability.
  • File sharing and collaboration workspaces.
  • Instant messaging and discussion forums.
  • Blogs and Knowledge-Based Systems.

These features have the capability of breaking down communication silos by improving data sharing, team working, and problem-solving across the business – with all tools available on a single Cloud-based platform that integrates seamlessly with your business’s other applications and systems.

The key features of a cloud-based intranet solution

When designing the employee intranet, it’s vital that the communication siloes aren’t accidentally re-created. You’ll need to carefully consider your business’s goals, the relevance of particular data silos, the involvement of all stakeholders in the process, and initial and ongoing training and support, to enable your team to get the most from the software.

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