How Service Companies Can Reduce Time Waste Through Modern Intranet Software Systems

In a digital age in which your business constantly strives to stay ahead of the competition, it is imperative that your employees have the latest tools to work productively and efficiently – whether at home or in the office. With businesses becoming increasingly dispersed across regional or international offices, or through hybrid working arrangements, it’s more important than ever that your employees can connect seamlessly with each other.



Modern intranet software offers many important benefits for service companies that wish to optimize their performance, improving enhanced communication, collaboration, data sharing, and efficiency which, in this article, we will explore further.

The benefits of an intranet that can save your business time

Poor time management is a common problem in many companies. Pointless meetings, badly organized silos of data, unnecessarily repetitive tasks, and complex workflows are some of the main causes of wasted time, which conspire to drive down productivity and increase costs.

By implementing modern intranet software, you can overhaul the way your organization does business in five key areas:

1. Centralized information

Centralized information

According to global management consultant McKinsey, employees typically spend nearly 10 hours each week searching for information. Just because data is stored digitally doesn’t mean it is easy to search. Intranet software reduces the time employees spend hunting for information by centralizing critical business data and improving accessibility. An intranet system with robust search capabilities will put your business data within easy reach, so your team spends more time getting their work done with the information they need at their fingertips.

2. Automated routine tasks

According to research, 40 per cent of workers spend a quarter of their week completing repetitive manual tasks. Paper forms and approvals, for example, are a significant waste of time and a leading cause of suppressed productivity. Intranet software is a powerful tool in the automation of manual processes, allowing staff to initiate automated digital forms for submission to managers, reducing the time spent completing paperwork by hand and reducing the risk of missed deadlines. Document approvals can be automated in the same way, with live versions available centrally for review. 

3. Improved communication

Successful companies thrive on communication, but meetings and socializing are leading causes of lost business time. An intranet can promote effective collaboration through tools such as:

  • Real-time chat and discussion forums, that allow employees to ask questions and obtain advice or information quickly without leaving their desks.
  • Idea-sharing platforms to enhance the employee voice and increase worker engagement.
  • Business-wide announcements to keep staff up to date with the latest news without having to call a time-consuming meeting.

4. Enhanced workflow

Enhanced workflow

Businesses that steadfastly employ manual methods of data entry tend to find that their workflows take too long and are prone to errors that must be traced and rectified later. An intranet that provides automated workflows reduces the time and cost of managing common business processes, such as document reviews, project approvals, or report population, freeing staff to focus on more valuable tasks and ensuring they have immediate access to the information they need to make informed decisions.

5. Analytical insights

Understanding what your business data is trying to tell you is difficult if it is stored in cluttered silos that are poorly organized. An intranet will improve the digital storage of critical data, so that it is more orderly and logical, enabling you to pull down the information you need when you need it most. It will also enable you to identify data trends so you can make more informed business decisions and gain a better insight into how your company is performing compared with its competitors.

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