How Social Intranet Software Can Improve Productivity

Trying to raise the productivity of a workforce can be an extremely frustrating endeavour. For larger organisations in particular, finding the right solutions to implement in order to increase the output of employees can take years of trial and error. Any solution that has been successful in another organisation is something that merits careful consideration from an effective HR department.

Social intranets are being implemented more and more by companies of a range of sizes. They have been successful in unlocking the potential of workers to improve their approaches and get more out of their working days. For many companies, small increases in productivity could make a big difference to how able they are to compete.

With that in mind, here are some of the ways in which a social intranet system can help to encourage greater productivity in a workforce.

1) Reduced confusion over the details of a project

Trying to manage a number of projects at the same time can easily lead to details being forgotten. Having a system where project details can be stored and team members can be assigned to individual tasks helps to ensure that everyone knows what they should be doing. Sources of confusion can be questioned online and the answers left for the whole team to see. In this way, social intranets can improve the amount of time spent by workers on productive activity.

2) New employees can be brought up to speed more quickly

The time spent training new employees in how your company operates is time where they cannot be operating at full capacity. By storing training documents on the intranet, new employees are able to access this information whenever they require. This helps to ensure that everyone, both those being trained and those doing the training, can remain focused on their tasks. The more information that is easily available, the less time that has to be spent training or being trained.

3) Increased collaboration

Cross-fertilisation of ideas is one of the ways in which innovation is produced. By opening channels for increased work-focused collaboration, social intranets can be a key method in helping to improve a company’s productivity. Employees can work together, sharing insights on how to complete a task instead of reinventing the wheel separately.

Claromentis Innovate App
The Claromentis Innovate application

4) Faster access to project documentation

A key aspect of any social intranet is a system for managing documents. This allows important documentation relating to project management to be made easily available to team members. Documents can be locked to prevent them being amended or deleted by team members who have no business in doing so. In this way, social intranets can help to ensure that documents are neither misplaced or destroyed by mistake, and are always a quick search away from the fingertips of anyone who might need to access them.

Claromentis Document Management System
The Claromentis Document Management System

5) Scheduling is made more effective

The time of employees can easily be wasted by having them run to a meeting at some time when they would be better engaging in a particular task. Making schedules public allows workers to interact with one another in ways that are less likely to cause wasted time. In this way they can ensure that they all spend the maximum possible time actually engaged with the problems at hand.

Claromentis Calendar App
The Claromentis Calendar application

6) Integrate and centralise your productivity tools

Calendars, messaging software and file sharing applications are all forms of business software that can be essential in a wide variety of tasks. By having these together under the one umbrella, workers can quickly contact one another, arrange a meeting and disseminate notes, all via the social intranet. This makes remote working easier than ever, and saves your employees from constant app-switching.

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7) Buying in a social intranet system takes pressure off your IT department

Designing a social intranet is a huge undertaking, and keeping your company’s system up-to-date and operating satisfactorily could easily overwhelm most companies’ IT teams. By buying in your social intranet from a respected vendor, you remove this pressure from your IT department and allow them to focus on supporting your staff.

8) Expertise can be identified quickly

Many tasks require individuals with specific expertise. Identifying the person that is needed to complete a particular task can be a time-consuming business in a large organisation. With a social intranet it can be much simpler as employees can be required to list skills on their profile page, allowing managers to quickly search for the people that they need.

Claromentis People Endorsements
The Claromentis People Endorsements feature

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