How Claromentis 8.2 is our Most Helpful and User-Friendly Intranet Yet

Each new version of our intranet platform comes jam-packed with new features and functionality, with 8.2 set to be our most revolutionary so far. Claromentis 8.2 sees the full arrival of Pages and Design, two powerful apps which allow users to build teams their own personalised digital workplace.

But with new features comes new challenges, introducing additional training needs so that users can get to grips with the system. It’s no use having fancy new functionality if no one can understand how it works. All software needs to find a good balance between providing the latest functionality whilst continuing to be user-friendly.

The importance of usability

Usability is vital in good web design, and the concept is based on four key principles: usefulness, effectiveness, learnability, and likeability. These principles provide developers with a framework for building systems that are centered around the user experience, ensuring that user goals are met as efficiently as possible. If software fails to fulfil these principles, then users are likely to be left frustrated, unable to do their work, and ultimately abandon the system.

Usability in Claromentis 8.2

It’s important to us that our software not only provides the latest functionality, but that it’s user-friendly too. At Claromentis we understand that a strong intranet framework is key to a successful intranet. A big focus of ours in Claromentis 8.2 has been to refine the user experience, and we’ve included some key usability features that will help users find their way around new functionality.

“Show Me” buttons

Our Pages application is a revolutionary new feature, allowing users to drag and drop over 35 intranet components to create a personalised digital workplace. Not only is it incredibly easy and intuitive to use (I picked it up straight away without any training!) it comes complete with a handy “Show me” button, which points new users in the right direction to start designing their page. We’re planning on providing more “Show me” buttons throughout the system in the future too.

Pages Application | Claromentis

Style guide

Brand new to Claromentis 8.2 is our Style Guide, which provides a handy reference to the system’s styling conventions, helping content creators to efficiently layout intranet content.

Style Guide | Claromentis

Clearer font

In Claromentis 8.2, you’ll notice that the intranet font is a little different. We now use Helvetica Neue 14px, in order to improve readability and clarity.

Design application

Not only does our Design app come with loads of new features in 8.2, it also displays loads of handy tips to help users understand what each feature does. Every styling option displays a simple summary, letting users know what will change if they select it – ensuring their intranet design goes smoothly.

Design Application | Claromentis
One of our handy tips in the Design app

Mobile friendly

There’s nothing quite as annoying as using a website that isn’t mobile friendly. Clunky and unresponsive, websites that aren’t designed with mobile in mind will fall way behind in the usability stakes and face stiff competition from websites that do. Claromentis 8.2 is our most mobile-friendly version yet, providing users a choice between a responsive intranet on mobile browsers, or a native intranet app on Android or iOS.

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