How Employee Intranet Software Improves Your Company Culture

Employee intranet software became a lifeline for many organisations during the height of Covid-19. It enabled teams to carry on working, collaborating, and communicating during a period of mass change and unpredictability, and will no doubt continue to be essential as we move into a remote and hybrid way of working.

Beyond keeping teams connected, moving projects forward, and centralising company knowledge, business intranet software also improves something that’s altogether less tangible, but just as important: company culture. 

A case in point – UK training provider Apprenticeship Connect have improved company culture by using their intranet software to reinforce the values their business cares about, including awareness of equality, diversity, and inclusion. 

They did so by taking full advantage of their intranet platform’s customisation features, which allowed them to build personalised intranet homepages in support of that month’s equality and diversity theme. Take a look at what they created to celebrate LGBT+ History and Black History Month:

An example of an employee intranet software interface
An example of employee intranet software celebrating black history month


As a result of their intranet software’s monthly redesign, the teams at Apprenticeship Connect saw engagement and discussion about these vital topics grow. 

Even more impressive is the fact that Apprenticeship Connect achieved all of this whilst in the midst of the UK’s first lockdown. So if you were wondering: “This is all well and good, but how can I improve my company’s culture remotely?”, then you needn’t worry. Remote working is not a barrier to creating a great company culture.



In fact, there are loads of ways in which company intranet software will help improve your company culture, remote or not. Here’s our pick of the best intranet apps for boosting your organisation’s culture:

The top employee intranet software apps to improve company culture 

Knowledge management software

The first step to improving company culture? Defining your company’s values. It’s no use trying to build a good company culture if your teams don’t know what the business stands for.

This makes knowledge management apps – which come as standard with employee intranet software – essential for shaping and enhancing your company culture.

Knowledge management software provides teams with the tools to create and store content-rich articles about any company-related topic. For instance, you can create an engaging article that immortalises your company values in writing, allowing everyone in the organisation to view it. 

Similarly, HR teams can create a collection of onboarding materials that introduce new employees into the company, including a “welcome video” from the CEO, an induction checklist, instructions on completing their intranet user profile, and a link to that all-important company values article.

Corporate social media

Corporate social media is perhaps the behemoth of all company culture-enhancing apps. That’s because, quite simply, it’s the digital representation of the office water cooler, giving teams a space to collaborate online within their employee intranet software.

Staff can create their own corporate social media channels – either by department, topic, or project – within which to share ideas, ask questions, or just shoot the breeze. These channels play an important part in fostering a collaborative and open company culture, as well as encouraging cross-team communication and boosting morale. So there’s no doubt that corporate social media is a must-have app.


Staff kudos apps

An underrated but essential element to improving company culture is to encourage teams to share their appreciation of one another. A simple “thank you” between coworkers is a powerful motivator, so your employee intranet software should come with a dedicated app that allows teams to share their kudos with a personal note of appreciation.

Go one step further and tie individual messages of thanks to your company’s core values and strategies. This will help business leaders keep track of areas of the organisation that are performing well, and which may need improvement.


Intranet design tools

Long gone are the days when a company’s intranet was little more than a dull, boilerplate site. Today’s corporate intranet software vendors – including Claromentis – provide built-in customisation features that give your teams the artistic licence to create a system that looks and feels like your own. 

Indeed, what better way to bolster your company’s culture than to design an intranet that reflects your business brand and mission? Intranet design tools allow teams to change colour schemes, layouts, styling, fonts, and more to create an intranet system that embodies what your company is all about.

Better still, you don’t need to be an expert in CSS or HTML to design the intranet you want. Everything is configured using clicks, not code, making it easy for non-techies to use.



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