Employee Intranet: 6 Benefits For the New Remote Workforce

The global workforce is changing. Companies are looking for ways to make their company more competitive by leveraging talent from anywhere in the world. 

A recent UK study by Claromentis reveals that 73% of UK workers want to split their time between remote and office working. This finding calls for companies to ensure they have the right remote team software and environments for their digital workplace.

This article will focus on how employee intranet software can help bridge the gap between the physical office space and the virtual workforce – bringing them together into one cohesive unit with benefits for both sides.

What is an employee intranet?

An employee intranet is a private network accessible only to employees of a company. It can include different types of content and applications, such as: 

  • A company directory
  • Employee forms
  • Training materials
  • News feeds
  • Announcements


What should an employee intranet include?

There is no hard and fast rule on what an employee intranet software should include. It all depends on your unique needs and what you want to accomplish. However, when building an employee intranet that a remote workforce will predominantly use, there are a few key components that should be included, namely:

  • Social intranet applications: A social intranet is essentially a company social networking site/portal where workers can discuss work-related topics, upload and share photos or videos of events, ask questions in forums and interact in other ways. This helps create an online community for all employees to connect with, regardless of their location. 
  • Customisation: When building an employee intranet, it is essential to remember the importance of a good user experience. Consider a solution with a simple-to-use drag and drop content management system and intranet design tools that enable non-technical employees to make a company intranet tailored to their needs.
  • Information management: A company intranet is a great way to centralise all the information, workers need daily. This includes access to important company documents such as HR policies and procedures, marketing collateral, contacts lists and other information.
  • People management: People management features can help you manage your workforce more effectively from remote locations such as access to an employee directory, where workers can look up contact details and find out who they need to talk to. There should also be a way for employees to log and track their time easily and submit timesheets.
  • Productivity features: An intranet solution should include tools that employees regularly use in the course of their work. This means having access to email, calendars, and other productivity apps through a secure intranet portal.


6 benefits for remote workers

Remote workers derive a host of benefits from having access to a good intranet software platform; these include:

Employee engagement

When employees are physically separated, it can be difficult for them to feel engaged with the company and their co-workers. A company intranet can help engage employees by providing a space to connect, share news and information, and participate in discussions. Research has proven time and again that engaged employees are happier and more productive. 

According to a recent study by Gallup, the US and Western Europe have the lowest employee engagement levels at just 11%. Company intranets can help organisations increase engagement.

Infographic image showing statistics about engagement of employee intranets in business

(Image source: employeebenefits.co.uk)

Enhanced collaboration

With an effective intranet, remote workers can easily collaborate on projects with team members located elsewhere. This is done through secure file sharing, online chat applications, or by using tools that allow for real-time collaboration on projects.

Improved internal communications

Company intranets facilitate better internal communication among team members by providing a common platform for exchanging information and ideas. This is especially beneficial for remote workers who may not have the opportunity to interact with others in person regularly. It also encourages connections between staff of all levels of seniority, from frontline workers to the CEO, who otherwise might not have a platform to communicate with each other.

Increased information transparency & knowledge sharing

When all the relevant information is made available through the company intranet, it helps promote transparency within the organisation. Remote workers can easily access what they need without going through multiple channels or asking for help. 

Faster turnaround on issues and requests

An effective intranet software helps remote workers get their job done faster. They no longer need to wait for someone else to provide them with the necessary information to do their jobs. For example, you can save your employees from hours of manual work by automating repetitive operational processes using e-forms and workflows software. 

Increased productivity

All the above culminate in increased productivity and a better bottom line. Productivity is further enhanced by replacing multiple tools with one integrated solution that helps staff avoid constantly switching between multiple apps. 

How do I build an intranet for my employees?

The first step is to begin by conducting a needs assessment to understand your unique requirements. This will help you determine the type of intranet that would be best for your organisation. You can then choose from various software providers who offer ready-made intranet software solutions or get a custom-built intranet designed specifically for your company’s needs. 

Whichever route you decide to take, make sure the provider offers good customer support so you can get the most out of your investment.

The benefits an employee intranet bring to remote workers are vast and varied. By taking advantage of these benefits, businesses can improve the employee experience, increase transparency and efficiency, and boost overall productivity. 



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