[New version] Claromentis Lewes: Gather valuable staff feedback with our new Polls & Surveys app

We don’t know about you, but the phrase “business as usual” hasn’t been in our vocabulary over the past few months! The ongoing effects of the pandemic have meant that everyday life for all of us has been very different indeed.

Ever the optimists, we chose to look on the bright side and take this as an opportunity to adapt and grow. This outlook resulted in some amazing employee-led initiatives, focussed entirely on helping our customers navigate this unusual situation, including our brand new Marketplace, our Covid-19 resource hub, and new Announcements app.

We’ve also continued to build the next version of our digital workplace software – Claromentis Lewes (v8.10) – which marks the first we’ve ever completed whilst working from home and collaborating digitally 100% of time.

New in Claromentis Lewes is our intranet Polls & Surveys app, which enables you to capture and analyse employee feedback. We’ve also added a range of usability improvements across our entire product.

Here’s what you need to know about Polls & Surveys, and what else is new in Claromentis Lewes v8.10:

New app: Polls & Surveys

Our new Polls & Surveys app provides everything you need to gather feedback and analyse the results in one place, giving you insightful data that will help you improve any area of your business. Use it to track employee engagement levels, get feedback on new initiatives, or to understand how your company culture is performing.

Create custom surveys and one-question polls

Build your own custom surveys – complete with multiple question types and personalisation options – to get in-depth feedback from your staff, or share one-question polls to monitor long-term trends like employee engagement.

Polls & Surveys | Claromentis

Survey landing page

Allow anonymous feedback

At times, you may need to gather feedback that’s particularly sensitive or requires complete confidentiality. Our Polls & Surveys app comes with an anonymous mode, which keeps staff details private when they submit their response.

Anonymous Polls & Surveys | Claromentis

A message will display when anonymous mode is enabled

Analyse the results with engaging graphs

Once staff have submitted their feedback, it’s time to view and analyse the results. Our reporting tools automatically group data together into engaging bar and pie charts, so that you can easily spot trends. If you need to analyse the data in more detail, you can view individual responses or export the results to CSV.

Polls & Surveys results | Claromentis

See results at-a-glance with engaging graphs

The best of the rest


Our core intranet news app has been given some attention in Claromentis Lewes. We’ve added a new light box feature, which allows you to view a news article’s main image in full size when clicked. We’ve also added more customisation options to our news homepage widget, including the ability to hide the text or image, and add a background colour.

News slider | Claromentis

News widget with hidden image and custom background colour


Another core app that’s been given some love is our intranet people directory. We’ve added a new section to employee profiles that displays their manager, complete with a direct link to their profile.

People manager section | Claromentis

New “Manager” section on user profiles


We’ve restyled our OrgChart app, making it easier to view your organisation’s management structure. Companies with large teams or multiple hierarchies can now benefit from our new “vertical view”, which displays everything after the third level as an easy-to-read vertical diagram.

OrgChart | Claromentis

New “vertical view” in OrgChart

The story behind Claromentis Lewes (v8.10)

We’ve been naming all versions of Claromentis 8.x after natural landmarks found in our hometown of East Sussex. This time, we chose the beautiful town of Lewes, which lies in a valley surrounded by the South Downs. Being the county town of East Sussex, it’s the centre of administrative and parliamentary goings-on, making it the hub of public and political feedback. Given our focus on gathering feedback in Claromentis v8.10, it seemed only right that we dedicate it to Lewes!

As well as having its own medieval castle, Lewes is home to Anne of Cleves’ house, the River Ouse, and Harvey’s Brewery, and hosts the UK’s largest annual bonfire event.

Harvey’s Brewery in Lewes

More information

Download our official release notes to get full details on Claromentis Lewes v8.10. Want to try out our new Polls & Surveys app for yourself? Simply sign up for a free trial or book a personal demo with our experts to get an intranet playground of your own.

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