Claromentis 8 Provides a Totally Social Intranet

As the social intranet gains traction in the industry, it seems apt now more than ever that the next major release of our digital workplace software focuses heavily on being connected. A natural successor to the static intranets of yesteryear, social intranet software combines the professional networking aspects of social media with the information management entities of traditional intranets, creating a central space to collaborate and work productively.

A social intranet aims to facilitate online collaborative working, helping the effective co-ordination and communication of projects, document management, and information sharing in one central solution. The days of using multiple apps to work collaboratively, which in hindsight now seem counter-productive and over-complicated, are officially over, with a new dawn of integrated digital workplaces now very visible on the horizon.

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Using this ethos as the backbone for the new Claromentis 8 Intranet Platform, the arbitrary lines between social networking and intranets have never been so blurred or irrelevant. Our focus in Claromentis 8 has been to refine our Intranet Platform to emphasise the importance of collaboration which, considering we are in the midst of the collaboration-loving generation of Millennials, makes perfect sense. When 33% of the workforce consist of Millennials, we need to ensure that we cater to the growing changes to the ways we work, and collaborative working has never been so vital to the success and expansion of businesses.

With Claromentis 8 comes the new “Social Connect” functionality, which aims to open the barriers between social media and intranet software, and provide an open space for true collaboration. The new “Social Connect” feature integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Windows Live, allowing you to connect your social media accounts with your intranet. This means that you can use the same login for your social media accounts to access your company intranet, bringing together the essential tools needed to work collaboratively.

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