10 Tips to Increase Business Efficiency

We have compiled our top 10 tips to help organisations increase their efficiency – see the following infographic. If you’d like to share some of your business efficiency tips, get in touch by adding a comment below or send us a tweet @claromentis. Go forth and increase business efficiency! 

10 tips to increase business efficiency


Claromentis 10 Tips to Increase Business Efficiency – INFOGRAPHIC


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Infographic Text

“Who’s the European Assistant Brand Manager and where can I find their contact information?”

Up-to-date Employee Intranet Profiles

Employees’ intranet  profiles should be up-to-date and populated with helpful information.  A lot of time can be wasted in attempting to search for, and discover this basic information.

“I can’t find January’s Sales Report!”

Enterprise-Level Document Management System

Version control,  revision history, integration with cloud storage (Google Docs, Dropbox & SkyDrive), detailed permissions and the ability to drag documents directly from your desktop, are ‘must-have’, time-saving document management features.  Additionally help employees quickly locate necessary documents through detailed metadata and permission rights.

“What’s going on with this project and when’s the next meeting?”

Create Project Collaboration Spaces

Ensure there’s an area on your intranet to store project information and updates. Keep it up-to-date and encourage others to do so, built-in task and event management are also key functionalities.

“I’ve misplaced your expenses form – can you fill it in again?”

Replace Paper-based Forms with Electronic Forms

Create e-forms to manage both simple and complex processes, from expense forms to purchase order requests. Keep your data securely stored in a centralized place and add workflows and notifications to ensure Jane in accounts is notified at the relevant stage.

“I’m new to the company – shall I direct all of my questions to you?”

Add FAQs to the Knowledgebase

Constantly answering the same questions? Add the questions and answers to the knowledge base to enable employees to become self-sufficient – you’ll need to do it just once.

“You’re clearly an expert on this matter – how can we share and distribute your knowledge to other employees and departments?”

Deploy a Learning Management System

Efficiently create courses, modules and assessments using the Learning Management System to share your knowledge – you can even upload previously created PowerPoint presentations and documents.

“I need to gain employee feedback on a range of matters – do I need to distribute surveys and schedule meetings?”

Utilize Social Tools

You can post questions on the corporate social network, apply a poll or survey on the intranet’s homepage or create a news article. In fact, you can use a variety of intranet tools to discover employees’ feedback.

“We need to ensure our employees are adhering to this year’s  health and safety policy  – an organisational-wide email won’t suffice.”

Automatically Record and Distribute Policies

Set up a health and safety policy using the Policy Management Application, issue automatic compliance notifications and view detailed reports to ensure employees have read the policy.

“I need to add some corporate news to the intranet but I don’t know HTML – shall I request    help from the IT Department?”

Easy-to-use Content Management System

Adding content to the corporate intranet should be both easy to implement and efficient  – having a built-in, easy-to-use content management system will save time and reduce the IT department’s workload as the task of adding content will be distributed across the organisation

“I need to quickly access other systems without having to input my username and password each time!”

Implement Single Sign On 

Turn your intranet into a centralized gateway to third-party systems with the addition of fast-access buttons and company links. Through the implementation of Single Sign On (SSO) with third-party applications, employees can log in without having to enter usernames and passwords each time.


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