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10 Years of Providing Intranet Software in Australia.

R&D Knowledge Services Pty Ltd (RDKS) are the information experts. Our specialties include the implementation of Intranets, Document Management Systems and Business Process, Workflow & E-forms solutions.

RDKS is the exclusive distributor of the Claromentis Intranet Software & Document Management Solution, and has been since our inception in 2003.

Claromentis (which translates to ‘Clear Mind’ in Latin) is a UK based software product that is used by 350,000’s of users across the world.

R&D Knowledge Services Pty Ltd (RDKS)

Based in South Melbourne, Victoria, RDKS has customers across Australia.

Our office includes sales, support & development staff and is also the ‘Out of Office’ support centre for Claromentis customers worldwide.

The Claromentis-based solutions we have delivered have helped our customers to transform the way they work.

-Robert Reith, Managing Director RDKS

17 year-old company
350,000 users
1m+ lines of code
9999 cups of coffee

Our Core Values

Listen and Understand - we will always listen to our clients first to gain a deep understand of their businesses

Quality - we will always strive to provide exceptional quality in absolutely everything we do.

Team Spirit - our teams have a positive spirit and a ‘can-do’ attitude to solving problems and overcoming issues.

Clarity - we build partnerships, trust and friendships through open, clear and honest communication.

Fun - we provide a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for both our employees and customers.

Our Purpose is to Make a Difference

At Claromentis, we are changing the way people work and making organisations better workplaces. Our customers use our product every day to build a culture of openness and to help teams and individuals work together.

Our people love what they do and as an organisation, and team, we experience the benefits of using Claromentis every day and are committed to making a positive difference worldwide.

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