Intranet Features

Intranet Version Control

Maintain complete version control within your intranet

Version control is a key feature in intranet software, essential for rolling back to a previous version, improving accuracy, and auditing. The Claromentis framework maintains a historically accurate archive of every saved version of a specific document, CMS page, and Business Process Management (BPM) project, enabling authorised users to revisit and compare previous versions, eliminating the possibility of conflicting versions being generated.

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Better collaboration

Version control enables a number of individuals to collaborate and communicate efficiently on numerous projects, regardless of location, safe in the knowledge that they are not working on different versions. This helps ensure that everyone works on the most up-to-date version, improving collaboration efforts and accuracy.

Intelligent check-in & check-out

Our smart check-in & check-out feature, present in our Document Management and BPM systems, helps to streamline workloads so that only one person at a time can make updates to the latest version. Whilst any number of users with permissions can collaborate on the same document, by restricting edits to one user at a time, this ensures conflicting updates and inconsistencies do not occur.

Access the latest versions – always

Our version control framework ensures that users only access the most up-to-date version of information. Intranet links always point to the latest version automatically, and our smart search will only return results of the most recent data.

Roll back

Authorised users can review all changes in each version and delete them as needed. They can also roll back to a previous version with a click of a button, useful for when errors have been made or an older version is required.