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Intranet Metadata

Powerful and customisable metadata

Metadata is additional and business-specific details about a document, user, news article, image, or other intranet elements, that allows items to be organised and searchable in smarter ways. The feature is perfect for companies who need to attach unique information to their data, such as reference codes to documents; parking space eligibility to people profiles; or sources to news articles.

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Customise your intranet data

Intranet metadata is a small but mighty tool which allows administrators to customise the type of data that is added to the system. This is particularly useful for documents and user profiles, where company-specific information needs to be associated for compliance, auditing, or organisational purposes.

Manage your metadata

Claromentis provides a metadata admin panel that allows sets of metadata to be defined, managed, and allocated to the appropriate data items in the Claromentis software. This ensures that as your business requirements change over time, the metadata can be retained and managed efficiently within one central place.

Documents metadata

Adding metadata to your documents and folders allows you to assign company-specific information to these areas, helping to improve the quality and searchability of files. Metadata such as review dates, author, internal reference codes – essentially any data that is required to be recorded by your business – can be added.

Intranet Metadata

People metadata

Adding metadata to your staff user profiles is a popular choice for many of our clients, as it allows them to create a completely personalised space for employees to add their personal information. Details such as next of kin, parking space eligibility, favourite food, nickname, and many more can be added – the possibilities are endless!

Intranet Metadata