Why Utilising a Digital Workplace Can Grow Your Business

Why Utilising a Digital Workplace Can Grow Your Business | Claromentis

Digital workplaces are fast becoming a regular occurrence. Flexible working is on its way to becoming a normal working practice within most organisations of all structures and tiers thanks to a shift in working attitudes and multiple campaigns. One way to combat the inevitable restructuring that will come with further implementation of flexible working is by utilising a digital workplace. Digital workplace is a broad term encompassing many technological features that are tailored to what your organisation requires. But why do you need one? How can it help promote organisational growth?

Ability to contact and connect with all staff, no matter where they are

By having a digital workplace implemented within your organisation, all employees become active participants as opposed to passive observers. This leads to an increased work ethic amongst all employees, including remote workers as they are no longer detached from the day-to-day running of the business. They can be kept updated and informed in all important business decisions and changes, whether relevant to them or to the company’s growth as a whole. An intranet software system, one feature of a digital workplace, allows for communication and collaboration in new and effective ways, helping to instil company growth. Further interaction between staff leads to increased growth as all staff can work together to achieve the common company goal, an interaction which can be stimulated by a digital workplace.

Attract more applicants to your organisation

64% of employees would choose a lower paid job if they could work away from the office in that role. You can attract versatile, talented individuals into job roles they would not have previously considered if you offer a digital workplace and flexible working practices within your organisation. The hiring of such talent can help to develop your company in new and innovative ways.

Decrease staff turnover while improving staff satisfaction

In the modern working environment, a job role which offers flexible working practices within a digital workplace is very appealing to staff. Satisfied staff make better workers as they cultivate a higher work ethic and care more about the overall status and wellbeing of the company. Having a satisfied workforce can help grow your organisation, as you won’t suffer from decreased drawbacks such as high staff turnover and internal conflicts.

Enable new ways of working together within your organisation

The digital workplace can enable new ways of working. With more flexible staff, you can bring together groups of employees who would never normally have cause to meet, and implement work groups that involve staff from all over your organisation, as you are no longer restricted by normal working patterns.

Educate staff on existing corporate knowledge and update them on new information

Information regarding company news can easily become lost when passed down through multiple channels of communication. This lack of information can prevent company growth if employees are not kept up to date and are left not feeling included in the organisation. Educate your employees using your company’s intranet software. Share information on the history of the organisation, what your mission statement is, previous successes and how you are planning to work towards the organisation’s goals. This can encourage all employees to work together and achieve such goals as they understand the thought process and reasoning behind them.

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Share important company information, like goals and mission statement, on your intranet


Allows more creativity and innovation within your workforce

A traditional workplace environment is not often heralded as a place that will breed creativity and innovation within your business. Creativity needs freedom, and so allowing your employees to work from home or to their own working schedules that suit their family/work balance will help to promote innovation within your workforce – resulting in innovative ideas for growth, strategy and improvement being traded in to benefit the company.

Expand your organisation more easily – even on a global scale

If you are looking to expand your organisation, implementing a digital workplace can be the next step to this growth. You can easily set up in new cities or even new countries and then connect them to the company mainframe to ensure all staff are connected and working together. Global expansion is easier if everyone can communicate on a mass scale, simultaneously improving working relationships between staff.

Reduce your environmental impact – and cut your costs

A digital workplace has both environmental and financial benefits for your organisation, both of which can contribute to growth. Less office space is required as employees can work from home which means energy is saved in commuting, while lighting and heating bills can be decreased. Companies can save from infrastructure costs, business travel costs and commit to a corporate social responsibility. Saving these costs can help you redirect company finances towards beneficial corporate growth.

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