Why Intranet Software is Essential in an Education Centre

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Intranet software should be an essential part of a successful education centre, as it can improve the flow of information throughout the business, enabling colleagues to share updates and knowledge with ease. It acts as an efficient document management system, giving staff easy access to training documents and curriculum updates they might need. It can also help to improve staff/student relations and helps students to develop a mature system of accessing the information they need, which is a skill they will use in further education and throughout their working lives. Below, we’ve highlighted just some of the reasons intranet software is essential in an education centre.

The digital workplace

Whether you’ve realised it or not, it’s highly likely your education centre is already operating as a digital workplace. Your staff and students will be using email to communicate, communication will be sent to parents via email, or through automated SMS text messaging platforms, and each classroom will use interactive whiteboards and iPads or tablets to enhance learning. You are already connecting the operation of your education centre and your students’ learning so much to the digital workplace that integrating an intranet software will only enhance and streamline the work you’re already doing.

As your students progress throughout their education, they are likely to sit exams online or will be required to complete online forms such as job applications. By encouraging them earlier in their education to become comfortable with intranet-based tools and tasks, you will be equipping them with skills which they will take with them far into their adult lives.

Saves important docs being lost

Within your education centre, you’ll have a high volume of important documents which you need to ensure are recorded and stored safely, and utilising your intranet software is a great way to do just that. Because the software works through cloud-based technology, it’s almost impossible for your documents to ever be lost. From confidential information to important contact details for internal and external colleagues, exam timetables and coursework requirements, your intranet software can act as a portal for all knowledge for staff and students alike. For your students who are learning to become more independent as they progress throughout their education, and not rely so heavily on documentation from staff, this can be a fantastic way to ensure they have all the information they need without relying on them to never lose an important piece of paper.

E-learning students & staff

Your intranet software has, built into it, e-learning, training and courses which can be accessed at anytime, anywhere by your students and staff. This helps your staff to stay on top of training they need to complete as part of their career development, in a time frame that suits them, whether that’s at work or outside. As the employer, you can monitor updates to their training and development which will help you ensure your students are being taught by the highest qualified staff possible. You can also use this information when you’re audited by external bodies or to share with parents the importance you feel as an employer of keeping your staff highly trained, with the latest learning and development opportunities.

Essential updates and alerts

Your intranet software can have a staff access and a student access, so that relevant information can be shared between the different people who attend your education centre. Important updates such as all staff training, exam timetables, uniform policies and anything regarding safety can be posted on the intranet homepage so that everyone is given the opportunity to be made aware of essential information they need. These updates can sit as alerts on the homepage as soon as you log in, which makes communicating with a huge number of people a far more efficient and effective task.

Knowledge and information sharing

Your intranet software can also be a fantastic source of resource sharing, for staff and pupils alike. Be sure to keep two separate access centres, as not all information will be appropriate for each audience. From top tips on keeping your classroom more organised to ways in which to motivate your pupils and tried and tested lesson plans, your staff and students can use their intranet to access a wealth of information to boost their careers and learning. As the management or leadership team within an education centre, you can use it as an opportunity to boost morale amongst your staff and to celebrate team success, whether that’s in the classroom or extracurricular achievements that your staff and students have celebrated together.

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