6 Successful Ways to Introduce Your New Intranet Software

You’ve sat through demos, conducted months of research, and gained final approval from the management team and now it’s official; your business is getting a new corporate intranet.

Job done, right?

The reality is that there’s much work to be done to reduce resistance to change and to encourage adoption. The impact of failing to create a rollout strategy can result in an unsuccessful intranet launch.

But how do you successfully introduce a new intranet to your team?

Here are 6 methods you can deploy to help build momentum and incorporate a new digital workplace into your team’s everyday work activities.

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Align your New Intranet’s Capabilities with Business Strategy

What’s your business’s goals and objectives? If it’s to maximise efficiency, improve customer service, develop employee learning, or increase engagement and revenue – align these objectives with your new intranet software functionality and capabilities. Make the alignment clear from the beginning and provide ongoing progress updates and reports to your team.

You can see examples of how your intranet can help you achieve business objectives and goals below:

  • Maximise Efficiency – replace paper-based processes with automated workflow management tools
  • Improve Customer Service – create an issue ticketing system, online customer service courses, FAQs, knowledge base articles, customer policies and procedures
  • Personal Development and Learning – create custom learning paths, courses and assessments using a Learning Management System
  • Increase Engagement – set up team and departmental news channels, activity streams, forums and idea spaces. Encourage employees to post questions, feedback, and comments in these channels.

Enlist the Help of Early Adopters and Influencers

Early adopters and influencers can be identified due to their own passions or handpicked because they are capable of leading others. Additionally, you may want to consult with departmental managers if your organisation has a large number of employees as they’ll have a clear idea of suitable people. These employees can help raise awareness and lead colleagues to the new intranet software by acting as vocal supporters and endorsers.

Enterprise Social Tools for User Generated Collaboration

Fully integrated social collaboration tools are a vital component of any new business intranet. Empower employees to interact, collaborate, share information, and gain answers through enterprise social networking tools. Equally important is social functionality such as the ability to ‘like’ posts, share files and attach photos. Consider remote workers who spend significant time away from the offices by ensuring they have an intranet app to directly post updates and view intranet activity streams.

online collaboration with an intranet software app

Relevant and Up-to-Date Content

Create a fundamental reason for employees to visit the new intranet by constantly adding quality content and migrating essential information. Adopting a decentralised approach, involving content champions from across the business will ensure that your intranet has a steady supply of content that will be of interest to employees. Your new intranet should act as the primary tool for finding business information and internal communications – having numerous systems will cause confusion amongst employees.

The “What’s in it for me?” Promotion

Communicating to employees the value and benefits of using the new business intranet is key to increasing adoption and reducing resistance to change. For instance, how can it make their jobs easier? Conduct some research to show employees that you understand their individual needs.

Introducing intranet software to the team and getting over the what's in it for me situation

Reward Employees for their Contribution

Recognising participation will motivate employees to start contributing on their new intranet. Customers who use the Claromentis Intranet Platform can attribute points to the fulfilment of intranet tasks, such as creating news articles.

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