These Are the Tools You Need to Develop a Successful Digital Workplace

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and increasing reliability on technology, many industries around the world are shifting their workforces online. Pandemic aside, the move to a digital workplace is good news for employers and employees alike. It gives business owners one central place for managing their team without worrying about the constraints of physical office space, and it frees staff from having to spend their time and money on a lengthy commute.

However, making the change to a digital workplace is unknown territory for some, and can backfire if it’s not prepared for adequately and with thought. Here at Claromentis, we provide holistic intranet solutions that mean you’ll have all the tools you need to set up a successful digital network. Read on to learn about all the essentials you should be investing your time in to ensure the transition to a digital workplace is as smooth as it can be:

Internal network

By this, we mean some form of an internal network that allows for secure communication between colleagues. This is to ensure your workforce can discuss clients, briefs, meeting notes, and other confidential information without fear or worry that it will reach the wrong eyes.

Not only will a secure internal network encourage reassurance that information is safe, but it will also improve communication times between employees, with messaging systems often being akin to a form of social media. This means that investing in a good internal network is an investment in efficiency and productivity, with solutions formed and deadlines met faster than ever before.

An intranet is perfect for this as it is a private network designated for the sole use of a particular organisation, with no access enabled to outsiders.

Collaborative task schedule

This could be as simple as a calendar app, but, whatever it is, a tool that allows you and your team members to share deadlines and upcoming events is absolutely integral to the success of your digital workplace. Again, investing in a tool that allows for collaboration on a task schedule will act as an investment in heightened team productivity, as it allows them to remain focused and up-to-date on the tasks at hand.

You could arrange schedules daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. Even better, organise a range of these so your employees can get a sense of both short and long term goals.

Document management

One of the most critical tools for any digital workplace is one that enables effective document management. This could be contracts, first drafts, meeting notes, or anything else written on Word, Google Docs, or any other form of a digital document. Organise a detailed filing system so that employees can quickly find the document they need with ease, cutting down waiting times and improving customer service and satisfaction.

Online document management is also great for the environment because it significantly reduces the amount of paper waste your company produces. So it’s important that your digital document management is maximised as well as possible – for the planet’s sake as well as your company’s!

E-learning courses or modules

Many employees, particularly older or extroverted members of the team, could struggle with the transition to a digital workplace. This is why it’s a great idea to have some form of a training course or e-learning module that can help employees on how they can cope with the sudden solitude, how to set up the ideal work-from-home space, and how to navigate the digital landscape that they’ll be relying on more and more.

Even without the pandemic, solidarity and empathy with colleagues is a crucial part of any healthy business team, so introducing training materials that help counter common issues your employees may face when transitioning to a digital workplace will go a long way.

An intranet is a great way to store your training materials as it means you can tailor resources to your company’s specific needs or ethos without fear of them being accessed by other people.


As the dependence of technology in our everyday lives rises, so too does the threat of cyber attacks. Because of this, it’s crucial more than ever that your digital workplace is as secure as it can possibly be. Investing in an intranet is one of the best security measures you can undertake as it is a private network that cannot be accessed by anyone unauthorised to do so. This means that passwords, files, and company data are stored safely with minimised risk of compromise.

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