5 Intranet User Survey Ideas That Improve Business Performance

Getting feedback from your staff via an intranet user survey is vital to your business performance. In fact, a survey found that staff who felt their voices were heard were 4.6x more likely to perform their best work.

It makes sense – if employees feel understood, supported, and empowered by their organisation, they will feel more motivated and engaged. And it’s well known that higher levels of motivation and employee engagement have a direct impact on overall business output and profits.

Repeatedly asking what your employees think about your business processes, operations, and culture will give you the data you need to spot areas of improvement and utilising your intranet survey app is a wonderful way to gather frequent feedback.

Here are 5 intranet user survey ideas that will generate the insights you need:

Measure employee engagement levels

Understanding how engaged your staff are at work isn’t a one-off task. Resist the temptation to build a lengthy annual questionnaire, and instead create a poll or pulse survey to monitor employee engagement levels throughout the year.

Add the poll or survey to your employee intranet homepage so that staff see it as soon as they sign in, to help boost response rates.

5 Intranet User Survey Ideas - employee engagement

Check in on staff wellbeing

With anxiety levels at an all-time high because of the ongoing pandemic, it’s more important than ever to check in with your staff and make sure they have the support they need. Again, regularly sharing a pulse survey or poll will help you monitor employee wellbeing levels and spot any trends that could negatively impact performance or mental health.

Get feedback on workplace safety

Whilst we’re once again being advised to work from home, if possible, some offices will remain open in some capacity to support those who are unable to work remotely. Getting feedback on how safe those staff feel working in the office is vital and should form part of your workplace safety strategy.

Sharing a survey to your office-based staff will give them an opportunity to voice any safety concerns. This feedback will highlight any problems with your workplace set up early on, and help you create a Covid-secure office where your staff feel comfortable working.

5 Intranet User Survey Ideas - workplace safety

Conduct an intranet satisfaction survey to understand how your intranet is performing

If your intranet or digital workplace software is hindering rather than helping your staff, you need to know. The digital tools your employees use should make their day-to-day jobs easier, freeing up time from repetitive tasks so they can focus on meaningful work that will benefit your business.

Send a survey to your staff to understand their pain points and ask which areas of your digital workplace need improving. For example, if people find it hard to find information, you can look at ways to improve your intranet search. Take the results from your survey to create an action plan and re-share the survey afterwards to see if the changes made a difference. Incremental improvements – based on real data – will help you build a digital workplace that enhances staff performance.

Monitor your company’s culture

Do you have a full grasp of your company’s culture? The data would suggest it’s unlikely. Just 28% of executives understand their organisation’s culture well, according to a report by Deloitte. Often, what a company’s culture is supposed to be and what actually it is, are two different things. Getting your teams’ perspectives is the only way to fully understand their experience of your company culture.

Share a poll of definitions that you think describe your organisational culture and ask your staff to vote on whether they agree. The results may surprise you!

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