7 Key Features of Intranet Solutions for Charities & Non Profits

We’ve worked with a number of charity and non profit organisations over the years to deploy intranet solutions that help fulfil and support this sector’s evolving objectives and goals.

Doing so has taught us a lot about what these valuable team members need from a modern intranet. With that in mind, here are the 7 key intranet features that your charity or non profit should be utilising:

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7 key intranet solutions for non profits

Learning management system for staff and volunteers

Investing in personal development is important for improving staff retention, employee engagement, and organisational growth. But it’s often cost-prohibitive for non profits. Sending teams away on expensive training courses is a challenge for most businesses; even more so for charities who rely on donations or funding.

Learning management features – such as e-learning courses, online quizzes, and training videos – provide your charity with a cost-effective solution for upskilling your staff and volunteers.


Use it to train your teams on a variety of topics, such as how to deliver outstanding customer success initiatives, health & safety procedures, and fundraising best practises.

Extranet areas for charity stakeholders

Stakeholders play a key role in a charity’s development and sustainability by helping fulfil its objectives and goals. Having the ability to easily share information with important third-parties will help strengthen those stakeholder relationships, and this is why extranet portal software is an essential feature for non profits.

Extranet portals provide external stakeholders with controlled access to areas of your intranet platform, such as specific documents, intranet software pages, news articles, and communication spaces. In essence, it gives external parties a slice of your employee experience, providing valuable partners with user friendly access to the interactive intranet your teams use day-to-day.

Multilingual capabilities

This is an essential intranet solution for charities and non profits that operate globally.

Be on the lookout for employee intranet vendors that offer localisation capabilities (FYI, Claromentis is one of them 😉 ) so that you can create intranet content in multiple languages for your globally dispersed teams and volunteers.

Collaboration and communication tools

Make it easy for staff and volunteers to communicate by providing tools such as corporate social networking, internal intranet messenger apps, and collaboration spaces.


Even better, increase coverage by making it available via your intranet mobile app. This will enable distributed teams – such as volunteers who are based in retail outlets and workers who are out on the field – to communicate on the go.

Project management features

Using social project and task management features, charity teams can create interactive project spaces to collaborate, share documents, assign tasks, and keep track of progress.

Keeping all project details in one place will lead to increased productivity, because it saves your teams’ time from searching and consolidating information, as well as eliminating the need to chase for updates.

E-forms and workflows

Automation tools – such as e-forms and workflows – are a vital component of the wider digital workplace.

They work by transforming your paper-based processes – such as volunteer applications or stationery requests – into streamlined workflows that need minimal human input.

Automating these processes saves time and reduces busywork, allowing your teams and volunteers to focus on valuable tasks that will bring you closer to achieving your charity’s mission.


Easy-to-use content management system

An intuitive content management system allows you to easily add targeted content to your charity intranet, without the need for technical skills or coding knowledge. Simply drag & drop intranet widgets – such as document management libraries, organisational news, and social feeds – onto your intranet pages and you’re good to go. This will solidify your charity intranet as being a single source of accurate information.

Don’t forget to personalise your intranet design with your charity’s branding too. This will increase adoption rates and encourage engagement with your intranet solution.


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