How to Improve Internal Communication Using Your Intranet

Successful communication between individuals, teams, and the entire company can be quite a challenge, where bad communication can hinder many areas of the business. Picture this; an important project needs to be progressed, but before this can happen, Project Management need the go-ahead from HR that they can recruit additional resources; HR need approval from Finance that they have the budget to hire new staff; and existing employees need to determine from Project Management who will be on the project. So far only four teams are involved, and already the process seems exhausting!

Internal communication is essential in being able to get things done efficiently, and it’s important to understand how successful communication can affect all areas of the business; it’s certainly not limited to project management. Misunderstandings generated through lack of effective communication can have a substantial impact across all teams, so it’s vital that this is addressed.

Claromentis provides intranet software which incorporates a variety of tools for improving internal communication. We’ve put together some tips which could really help make communication easier for your business:

Setup multiple communication channels using Innovate

Our corporate social networking module, Innovate, is an amazing tool for gaining immediate feedback from users across the whole company. However, if you need to obtain information from those in specific departments, you can setup dedicated channels for each team, and direct your questions to the relevant people. Setup channels for HR, Project Management, Finance, Directors; or even narrow down each department into smaller teams, such as Payroll or Recruitment. By setting up specific channels, this ensures that those with the best knowledge can answer questions, thus speeding up the time it takes to get the answers you need.

Claromentis Innovate App

Create a Forum

Forums are a great way to compartmentalise important areas of discussion, ensuring that the subject matter remains focussed and uncluttered. Our Forum boards can be categorised in whichever way is most appropriate for your business; there can be a board per department, per project, or even per month. Using Forums can help facilitate and streamline internal communication, whereby certain teams can have access only to their board, and all discussions will be documented in one place.

Claromentis Forums App

Post an Announcement

Need a quick way to alert the entire company about an important piece of news? Sending an email may go unnoticed amongst users’ ever-growing inboxes. Instead, post an Announcement. Announcements appear on all users’ homepages (unless specified otherwise), and are a fantastic way of spreading an urgent message in the quickest possible way. You can also embed links into the Announcement, to direct users to the appropriate place should they have any questions.

Claromentis Announcement App

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