Get More From Your Intranet with Claromentis Marketplace

In the blink of an eye, supermarkets have installed screens and one-way systems; coffee shops have switched from sit-in to takeaway only; and even whiskey distilleries have turned their hand at brewing sanitiser instead of spirits, all in an effort to keep people safe, be helpful, and thrive during the pandemic. If these unusual circumstances have taught us anything, it’s that we all have an amazing ability to adapt during tough times.

Here at Claromentis, we work with customers of all sizes and sectors, from global healthcare and emergency services providers to local charities and businesses. We’ve seen first-hand the ways in which they’ve had to adapt in response to the crisis. That’s why we’ve been focussing a lot of our time over the past few months adapting our own products and services to help them.

And so we’re very happy to announce that we’ve launched a brand new resource that will help our customers get more from their intranet, making it easier to complete routine tasks, increase staff engagement, and free up time for meaningful work. Let us introduce… Claromentis Marketplace.

Claromentis Marketplace in a nutshell

Claromentis Marketplace is our go-to hub for customers to get pre-built add-ons, integrations, and widgets that will expand their intranet’s capabilities, adding bonus features and functionality to our core digital workplace. Think plugins that automatically assign e-forms on a schedule, and tools that generate invoices – useful extras that boost internal processes and make everyday tasks that little bit easier.

Get More From Your Intranet with Claromentis Marketplace
Work smarter with Claromentis Marketplace apps that will power-up your intranet


Connect third-party tools with custom integrations

We integrate with loads of popular third-party apps as standard with our intranet integrations technology, and we’ve extended this functionality even further thanks to Marketplace. We’ve made it easier for our customers to connect the external systems they use everyday to their Claromentis intranet, via our custom integration service. So far, we’ve set up integrations for payroll systems, event management software, and identity providers, helping customers keep their third-party systems running smoothly alongside their intranet.

Build your dream intranet with bespoke apps

If customers are looking for something truly bespoke, our Marketplace includes a dedicated portal for users to request custom apps for their intranet. From here, our teams will work collaboratively with our customers and translate their intranet ideas into reality. Previously, we’ve worked with an international non-profit to build a custom app for tracking all charitable activities, so that staff can collaborate and coordinate on projects. We’ve also developed a custom solution that allows a major accountancy practice to track all tax returns submissions for their clients. 

Get More From Your Intranet with Claromentis Marketplace
Have an intranet idea? Our teams will turn it into a custom intranet app


Speed up automation with free e-forms and workflows templates

Marketplace is also home to our curated selection of e-forms and workflows templates, which customers can download for free and import into their intranet. This means that customers can get started on automating popular processes – such as purchase order requests, performance reviews, and return to work questionnaires – right away.

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