How To Optimise Your Digital Workplace During a Global Crisis

With the Covid-19 pandemic forcing many people to work remotely, it’s more important than ever to make sure that your digital workplace is running effectively. While much of the world’s current situation is out of our control, we can control how our businesses adapt to moving online. People must be able to be productive in a digital workplace, especially as large numbers of people may be working from home for a much longer period. By having a productive and effective digital set-up, both your staff and business can survive and continue to thrive.

Here’s a few suggestions on how to get your digital workplace right during the pandemic:

Encourage your team to look after their health while they work remotely

With the current climate being so unprecedented and unpredictable, it’s essential that your staff take care of their health. As leaders of your digital workplace, it falls on you to boost morale amid general negativity. With this in mind, encourage people to switch off at times and take breaks while they work. This way, productivity and focus levels are likely to increase as people will be refreshed and ready to work.

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It’s also useful to suggest that people set up an ‘office’ at home. Separating work and home life can have a big impact on motivation levels, something which is harder with remote work. Try and encourage your team members to avoid working from their bedrooms or communal areas, and to instead save these rooms for when they are enjoying time away from work.

It’s also important to remember that if you didn’t have a functioning digital workplace before the pandemic, you may have to budget time for people to adapt and learn new skills. A digital workplace runs differently to a physical one, and many people may have never experienced such a thing before, particularly those of the older generations. This should also be taken into account when recruiting new employees. Getting trained behind a laptop screen, while possible, may prove to be harder and slower, and employers should work to reassure and help any newbies.

Encourage people to focus on the company culture and values

Without a communal office allowing people to physically work together, it’s essential that companies remind their employees about the benefits of working for your business, and what sets them apart from their competition. Where and how people are working has drastically changed, but it doesn’t mean these facts will have. Continue to have regular catch-ups and meetings, ensuring that both your team and your customers get the same levels of attention that they did before the pandemic.

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Businesses that have continued to show support to their staff and are still managing to provide an excellent service to consumers will most likely continue to thrive. People who have respect for others in these challenging times will lead to strengthened relationships and higher levels of success in the future.

Make use of technologies

We are extremely lucky to live in a world where technology is so advanced, meaning we can have face-to-face meetings from behind our laptop screens. A digital workplace can quite easily replicate most of what would take place within an office, and leaders should take special care to try and do this. Use video conferencing tools for workshops or meetings; collaborate on projects using collaboration areas, and maintain interaction with staff using communication tools. If your business has internal social media, make sure this is constantly updated. The world of business doesn’t need to come to a standstill – it just needs to move online.

The companies that had already developed a digital workplace before the pandemic may not have seen too much disruption, especially those who had already embraced cloud-based tools. Other companies have had to quickly find ways to adapt and set up a digital workplace to continue running. However, what the pandemic has shown is that businesses should always focus on continuity planning, and it never hurts to have a fully functioning digital workplace.

Wherever your teams are working, help is available to ensure you remain connected. An integrated digital workplace will keep all your most productive tools in one place.

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