Claromentis Now Integrates with Microsoft Outlook

It’s always fantastic when we can implement a new feature which has harvested so much excitement. For so long, our company and our clients have pushed for a way for their intranet calendars and Microsoft Outlook calendars to have a two-way sync, so that events are automatically updated in both places. We are happy to announce that this time has finally arrived!

Introducing our new sponsored module: Exchange Integration. Our amazing developers have implemented a module which communicates between Claromentis and Microsoft Exchange, the server which connects to users’ Outlook clients.

This module means that users can add events to their intranet calendar, and that event will be automatically inserted into their Outlook calendar, and vice versa. Not only that, users can mark themselves as “busy” or “available” in either calendar, and that change will be reflected in both places.

Further customisations to enhance Exchange Integration are already on the roadmap, and we are excited to see how far this module can grow.

Our new Exchange Integration module is another step closer to promoting a truly incorporated and digital workplace, where users can rely on getting their work done efficiently, consistently, and productively.

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