What Is the Best Level of Notifications in Intranets?

Being kept up-to-date with the latest developments of your intranet is incredibly important. Communication is vital when it comes to user engagement, giving a sense of community and allowing the user to feel involved and part of something really significant.

We understand that keeping users in the loop about activity is one of the most essential features of an intranet. However, achieving the right level of communication is a balancing act; too little notifications and users will feel left in the dark, too many and users will feel like they are being spammed.

So how many notifications are acceptable, and how is this achieved?

It’s important to realise that each and every intranet user is unique and will have their own ideas about a suitable level of notifications. Some users may not want to miss a single thing, and are happy to be notified about every document upload, every new Blog article, and every Innovate post. Other users, however, may only want to receive notifications about matters that are of great importance and are business critical.

So how can we consider each user when it comes to notification preferences?

Claromentis allows users to tailor their notification preferences to their own unique tastes. They can choose to receive notifications either in-system, or have them sent straight to their email, or both.

Having the flexibility of being able to choose which notifications go where is a really great way to accommodate users’ preferences and their current business setup. Some companies may put great emphasise on having all communication sent and recorded via email; our intranet software can facilitate this by allowing users to configure their notifications to send direct to their inbox. Some may want to keep their intranet activity separate from other company matters, and therefore wish to keep all intranet communication within the system; Claromentis allows users to setup notifications to appear in-system only.

Not only that, notifications can be tailored further on a per-application basis. Customers can choose to receive email notifications from our Documents application, for example, and then have only in-system messages for Innovate posts. This allows for a fully customisable experience, where users can have complete control over their notification needs.

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