Claromentis in the Cloud Supports Active Directory and SSO

AD and SSO in Claromentis

We strive to offer our customers a completely flexible intranet solution, so that we can deliver a comprehensive service which meets individual business needs specific to their unique internal infrastructure. We therefore provide different hosting packages, where businesses can chose to either host their Claromentis intranet themselves for full control (our Perpetual package), or purchase our Software as a Service (SaaS) package which makes full use of Cloud computing, avoiding the need to maintain internal hardware.

Traditionally, Cloud hosting may have been viewed as a lesser option, with concerns that there were limitations on functionality and app integration, especially in terms of Microsoft services which are so integral to large corporations.

At Claromentis, we wanted to challenge this assumption, and ensure that our customers receive the same level of services, regardless of the hosting solution they choose. Our Cloud solution is extremely popular as it provides a great level of flexibility, where hardware, support, backups, and monitoring are all handled by us, so it was important that the service offered matched those with in-house hosting.

A very popular customer request is for the intranet to integrate with the business’s Microsoft Active Directory (AD) service, so that the user base can be automatically and seamlessly added to the intranet. Single-Sign-On (SSO) comes hand-in-hand with AD integration, where users can be logged into their intranet without having to enter their login details. This integration is an easy setup for a perpetually hosted intranet, as the Claromentis installation will be hosted within the same environment as the business’s AD and SSO services. This is great if you are able to host your intranet in-house; but what if you want AD and SSO, with the added flexibility of a Cloud hosted intranet?

Can Cloud computing, Active Directory, and Single-Sign-On work in harmony?

With Claromentis they can! Your Claromentis intranet can be integrated with AD and SSO, regardless of hosting type, meaning you can host your intranet in the Cloud, and still have full AD and SSO capabilities.

Claromentis is committed to supporting the rapidly evolving business landscape, where Cloud computing, enhanced security, and multi-app integration are vital. Unlike our competitors, we have developed a robust solution which facilitates AD and SSO integration with your Cloud intranet, via a secure remote proxy server held in your own infrastructure. This means that you can reap the benefits of a Cloud hosted intranet, whilst still retaining control of arguably the most important aspect of your intranet; your user base.