All I Want For Christmas… Is a Festive Intranet

The countdown to Christmas has finally begun; daily mince pie eating is once again acceptable, and it’s impossible to escape the lure of the office snack table, which is seemingly never without a selection of treats that are replenished by the office Christmas elves.

It’s no wonder with all those festive indulgences that productivity at work may be a little low, so why not inject a little magic into your intranet software and try our Christmassy ideas below? Fun, festive, and simple to setup, you may even notice some work being done!

Organise your office Christmas party

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, the office Christmas party is a tradition that isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Anyone who has had the (mis)fortune to organise one will know how time consuming it is to not only arrange a day where everyone is free, but also chose an activity or restaurant that everyone is happy with.

Take the stress and countless emails out of the equation by organising the entire do on your intranet. If you’re not sure where to hold the party, create an intranet poll and get ideas from those attending to get an insight into what may be popular (we did this ourselves at Claromentis HQ!)

Once the details have been finalised, use our Events module to distribute all the necessary details and to invite your team members; staff can then find all the info they need in one place, and you can keep tabs on who is attending.

All I Want For Christmas… Is a Festive Intranet | Claromentis

Make use of your calendar

If you’re a Christmas enthusiast like me, you may have planned a whole month of office Christmas celebrations throughout December. Put your intranet calendar to good use and make sure your team members can’t avoid the festivities, by adding all meetings, events, and activities in your social calendar.

Claromentis Christmas Calendar

Share your photo memories

Christmas is plentiful with photo opportunities. Keep those treasured memories safe in the intranet Image Gallery app, where you can store and share photos of your festive events. Promote a collaborative Christmas photo album, where all team members can play a part in uploading their favourites, bringing everyone together and spreading the joy.

Christmas quote of the day

Our intranet Announcements tool is a great way to broadcast an important message to your whole intranet user base. Why not use it to promote a daily Christmassy quote or riddle to the team, encouraging a positive and productive start to the day? Announcements can be scheduled to post automatically in advance, so you can manage several in one go.

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