7 Important Business Benefits of a Company Intranet

Company Intranet platforms are one of the most productive business tools available out there. These private and safe networks allow employees to achieve their full potential by bridging the gap between different corporate sectors.

Business intranets allow for better communication and collaboration, creating satisfyingly streamlined business processes as a result. Companies that invest in a secure intranet for their business activities enjoy advanced social connectivity, healthy inter-linked structures, and higher returns for their shareholders.

When introducing new intranet software to businesses, it’s important to assess if it has all the features you need to support your primary goals and requirements. It’s also crucial to determine if the core intranet features will remain relevant over time.

Do companies still use Intranets?

Intranets can seem outdated to those who don’t work in the tech industry, but they’re still the most popular digital workplace for companies. With more people working remotely, they’re becoming even more important.

Why do you need a Company Intranet?

When people hear the word “company intranet” they usually think of a chaotic dumping ground for information. But a corporate intranet is designed to help you and your team collaborate on projects in a way that’s more efficient.

A well-designed intranet solution will help management and staff communicate more effectively. Managers can ensure their employees have access to the latest company, customer, and competitor information how and when they want it, while staff can pass up any issues or comments they have.

It’s a common misconception that intranets are all about security, compliance, or business efficiency. But with the right tools and solutions in place, they can be also used to support employees through engagement, communication and collaboration. Let’s consider seven benefits that a company intranet will bring to your organisation.

7 Benefits of a Company Intranet will provide for your organisation

  1. Improve efficiency: Help your employees work faster
  2. Provide users with relevant content
  3. Support remote and mobile workers
  4. Promote a healthy workplace culture
  5. Support the corporation’s objectives
  6. Centralise corporate information
  7. Evolve with the corporation


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1. Improve efficiency: Help your employees work faster

Employees will use the company intranet to find out their tasks for the day, carry out those tasks, and to quickly reach out for help if needed. A corporate intranet must help your employees be more efficient throughout their workday by smoothing out difficulties in communication and information management.

It must also make collaboration between employees easier and ensure that all business processes and projects are carried out systematically. Your business intranet must be the place where employees turn to resolve their issues, and the system they count on to make their jobs easier.

Working smarter and faster with a Company Intranet

A company intranet will help your employees work faster and smarter

2. Provide users with relevant content

When working on your intranet approach, keep in mind that your company is made up of a variety of people who all have unique needs, goals, and skills. Your intranet must be able to recognise the needs of your staff and provide content that is applicable and timely.

Use your company intranet to identify the needs of the different communities in your corporation and make sure you have provided the right features and materials to benefit them all. Content targeting can be especially useful here, as this ensures that the right people see the right content at the right time.

3. Support remote and mobile workers

Thanks to the evolution of mobile technology, we now dwell in an age where increased people choose to work from home every day. Take some time to consider how your business intranet can work with this growing user base.

Find the needs of your mobile workers and make sure that they can access necessary information and complete tasks while away from their desks. A mobile-friendly intranet is just one of the ways you could approach this.

Company Intranet - Mobile working

Providing staff with a mobile intranet will empower them to work on-the-go rather than be confined to the office

4. Promote a healthy workplace culture

Today’s digital workplace sees its employees scattered across many departments, with some even telecommuting or working remotely. Your business intranet must help foster an improved corporate culture by connecting people through meaningful work relationships. An intranet for your business must stimulate better conversation between employees and provide meaning to their daily work, while promoting the values that you want your corporation to reflect.

Provide inspiration to workers by using intranet blogs and news sections, prompting them to interact with other users. You can also consider having intranet discussion forums and surveys to motivate quality discussions between company leaders and employees.

One of the great values of the intranet is that it increases employee engagement, which in turn increase productivity, reduce staff turnover and the associate hiring costs.

5. Support the corporation’s objectives

A business intranet must be able to fulfil your long-term business goals. It can gauge employee performance and encourage better cooperation by setting milestones for achievements and new objectives.

Set objectives for your intranet that are in line with the company’s own defined targets. It is also a promising idea to routinely examine every aspect of these goals and make sure your intranet is optimised to handle the requirements of your organisation effectively.

Creating an intranet governance policy can help you formalise these details, so that you can refer to them as you monitor performance.

Free intranet governance policy guide

6. Centralise corporate information

Advancements in networking have revolutionised the way we experience work. The dawn of the digital workplace has allowed employees to work across countries and optimise their work experience by using apps of their choice. But with the growing possibilities and risks of working digitally, there also comes the need to safeguard company data via effective integration.

A business intranet brings the perfect solution to this dilemma by providing employees with a single portal that supports all the platforms, tools, and apps they need to complete their tasks.

Company Intranet security features

Centralise your data in a secure corporate intranet

7. Evolve with the corporation

With so many recent developments in communication technology, such as instant messaging and cloud storage, do companies still need intranet software to perform well? The answer is yes, absolutely. They are an integral part of a company’s success.

A business intranet safeguards all the information needed to keep the workplace functioning smoothly and allows your employees to connect on more levels than just work.

It can empower users by providing valuable support and information when needed. And with workplaces becoming increasingly dispersed every day, intranets keep all your company data safe and protected.

While intranets must be entwined with corporate objectives to be successful, they must also be made to evolve and adapt to suit the changing needs of their users.

When doing this, it is important that you examine the goals of your business intranet closely. By evaluating your intranet goals periodically, you will be able to mould them to complement the evolving needs of your business, resulting in new standards of success.

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