5 Benefits of Using Task Management Software

Implementing management software in any business requires a period of adaptation and development, as the software is trialled, learnt and manipulated to best suit the needs of your team and your business. But what if that software had a direct impact on the productivity, organisation and ultimate growth of your business, pooling information into a central location and helping your employees to work ever more efficiently?

Installing task management software into your business might at first be met with initial resilience with people concerned about the reasons for implementing the software. To counter these reactions we’ve listed 5 of the key benefits of using task management software so that you can communicate to your team why your company has chosen to.

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1. Centralise activity

Task management software allows you to integrate all of your activity in one place, removing the tedious need for multiple passwords and accounts. It removes the risk of information being deleted, or lost which can vastly improve the efficiency of the work your team are carrying out daily. Task management software allows you to monitor all client activity throughout your team, which means work isn’t being duplicated and you can assess whether enquiries are being dealt with effectively and efficiently.

2. Improves teamwork

Centralising activity and information in one place encourages your team to tap into the pool of knowledge they can get from their colleagues and peers. If you’ve worked on a brainstorming or creative session, which are commonplace in marketing departments, you can store all of the original ideas within your task management system to be referred back to at any point.

This increases the level of collaboration throughout your team as their shared ideas are available for all to access at any time. It will also encourage your team to see the input their colleagues are giving to certain tasks and if the results are positive it can stimulate and encourage others to work in a similar way to increase their own productivity.

3. Prioritisation

Task management software allows your employees to acknowledge the list of tasks they have in front of them, and then prioritise in the most effective way. Using task management software allows the individual to achieve deadlines, avoiding clashes with meetings or other tasks in a way that cannot be managed on a paper and calendar based system.

The software will store deadlines, meetings and other activity already inputted into the system, helping the person more effectively manage their time. It also enables the individual to highlight to their manager where they foresee potential issues arising in achieving deadlines, giving the manager a proactive method of separating and managing their team’s workloads.

[FREE GUIDE] How to Improve Your  Project Management Processes in 5 Steps

4. Track time requirements

One of the biggest benefits of task management software is that it allows you to record and monitor the time each employee spends on a task. This is useful for a number of reasons. Firstly it allows you to monitor the efficiency in which the individuals in the team are working, which is information that can be useful in review and appraisal meetings – both for praising employees, but also to offer extra support if certain times appear to be taking much longer than others.

Secondly, tracking the time certain tasks are dealt with allows you to efficiently price the work your team are putting into an external client’s project. You can then use this information to increase the cost, and the margin of the time you’re charging out.

You can also use this information to spot strengths and weaknesses in your team, which is information you can use when you’re looking to recruit additional members of the team. You can also use the information to assign tasks to the people who are able to be the most productive on certain tasks, to ensure maximum productivity throughout your team at all times.

5. Anytime, anywhere

Task management software requires you simply to have an internet connection, highlighting the major benefits of moving your team into a digital workplace. You can log into your task management software, from anywhere and anytime to see updates of what your colleagues or the team you manage have been up to. If you’re dealing with a client request, you can quickly and easily access the most up to date information through the system to deal with your client’s request as efficiently as possible. It opens up opportunities for flexible working for your employees, including working from home and working on the go as they travel for meetings.

At Claromentis we believe in the power and the importance of revolutionising your current working practises into a digital workplace, by installing intranet solutions that helps to improve the way your company currently operates. By increasing the day to day efficiencies and output of your team, you will start to see greater growth on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual level.


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