Two Circles Achieves Sunday Times Best 100 Small Companies List

It’s our teams’ mission to build digital workplace and intranet solutions to help companies share information, work smarter, and engage with people to reach their goals. So when we heard that our lovely clients at Two Circles achieved this year’s coveted Sunday Times Best 100 Small Companies award, we were thrilled to have played a part in their success.

Two Circles are a leading sports marketing agency with offices in London, New York, and Bern. We caught up with Gareth Brown and Maggi Broadbent at Two Circles to find out more about their achievements and how Claromentis helped.


Why did you decide to implement intranet software in your company?

Maggi: We wanted something to keep us connected as a team. We have around 150 people now working across different office locations, and so we needed a solution that could help foster connections between groups, teams and locations. We found that an intranet is a good way of promoting our team spirit, especially our sports and language clubs, which are a big part of our culture.

Why did you choose Claromentis as your intranet provider?

Gareth: After a thorough procurement exercise where we consulted with 25 of the leading intranet platforms we felt that from a specifications standpoint, Claromentis was the best fit. We were also excited to find that the platform was built for both now and the future without hidden costs. The ability to only use a few of the functions now and then add more later without additional investment was a big bonus for us. On top of meeting the technical requirements, though, we felt like we could trust Claromentis and everyone we spoke to throughout the procurement process was very open and honest.

How do you think Claromentis helped you achieve the award for The Sunday Times Best 100 Small Companies?

Maggi: We rated very highly for team connections, leadership, and pride of the business. Our teams want to feel connected, and Claromentis allows us to easily share industry pieces and news from our different teams based in New York, Bern and London. Having a platform that allows everyone from the newest joiners to the management team to share ideas, as well as enabling photo and video sharing, brings these values to life online. Claromentis helps us both feel and see our team spirit.

We know that communication and learning are key to the Two Circles culture – which Claromentis apps do you use to facilitate these?

Gareth: As Maggi referred to, knowledge sharing and connecting between teams are absolutely key for us at Two Circles. The primary apps that we use are People, Projects, Knowledge Base, Blog, Pages with embedded videos and the Gallery. No doubt we will add more to this in the coming months and years, though.

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