BrightonSEO 2018: Key Takeaways and Best Moments Recap

The world’s largest search marketing conference was back last week, so the Claromentis marketing team made the epic trek from the office to the BrightonSEO venue on Brighton’s seafront (just kidding, it’s only down the road).

Thousands of digital marketers from all around the globe journeyed to Brighton to learn, share ideas, and get inspired. If you missed out, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Read our key takeaways and best moments of BrightonSEO 2018 below.

Most shocking statistic

BrightonSEO was full of statistics, metrics, and analytics. But the one that made everyone gasp was this:

“29% of the internet is duplicate content.”

Almost a third of all content on the internet is exactly the same. That’s a staggering statement.

So it’s no wonder that conferences like BrightonSEO exist; better and more unique content is desperately needed in order for companies to stand out.

The main message

So many ideas, metrics, and insights were declared during BrightonSEO, but the main takeaway message that was repeated many times was that unique, niche, and research-based content is what every digital marketer should aim for.

A wake-up call for email marketers

Email marketing is such a powerful tool for lead nurturing, but it turns out that no one is doing it right. Open rates are shockingly low for all industries, mainly because the emails are not targeted enough. So the lesson for all email marketers is to create targeted email campaigns with relevant content that will resonate with the audience. Sounds simple enough.

The most obvious but underrated fact

Know your audience.

This is such a simple concept but it’s one that often gets forgotten. As a digital marketer it’s important to know the pain points of your audience, whether that’s a manager in the HR department who is pushed for time, or a software developer in need of some coding best practises. If you understand who you’re writing for, then it follows that you will be producing relevant content that will get clicks and shares.

The most “Brighton” moment

Nothing to do with digital marketing, but a bonus takeaway nonetheless!

Anyone who has lived in or visited Brighton will know that it’s a diverse, welcoming, and often downright wonderfully weird city!

This was no more apparent than when standing in the BrightonSEO venue lobby waiting to get in. Entertaining the queue was “Mellow Zebra”, a zebra-masked keyboardist playing some dulcet tunes. Never change, Brighton!

Brighton Mellow Zebra | Claromentis
Only in Brighton would you see a piano playing zebra at a marketing conference…

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