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The importance of branding

The design of your intranet is very personal and unique to your business needs and company values. As an established intranet service provider, we know intranet needs to feel like a living and breathing extension of your company, so it acts like a natural and complementary addition to your working practices and processes.

Companies of all shapes and sizes will have a public image that will remain consistent in line with the values they uphold. The finer details such as font, colour scheme, and logos can be so engrained into a company’s reputation, that at first glance they can go unnoticed. These aspects of a company’s design are so synonymous with the brand, that they are almost subliminal; think Cadbury’s and their very particular shade of purple (“Pantone 2865c” if you didn’t know), which was so vital to their branding that Cadbury’s tried to get it trademarked. This is a prime example of how much thought goes into a company’s public image, and this way of thinking should be applied to your internal branding guidelines too.

Claromentis intranet design tool

Your company intranet should be a reflection of your public image, so that for your employees, managers, and stakeholders, there is a seamless transition from external to internal communications. And with the new Claromentis Design Tool branding engine, it’s now easier than ever to create a truly customised intranet.

A popular request from our customers was for the ability to be able to add new company logos, customise the colour scheme, and change the background image. We listened, and we have delivered!

Intranet Design Panel | Claromentis

Every Claromentis intranet comes complete with out-of-the-box design tools, which allows you to control aspects of your intranet such as background image, menu colours, company logo, and even advanced CSS styling for the technically minded. This means you can easily customise your intranet to mirror your company branding guidelines, and ensure that your internal and external branding are aligned.

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