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Custom Intranet App Prototyping

Build custom apps through rapid prototyping

Our rapid prototyping methodology is used during the preliminary stages of custom application development. It consists of three primary elements: specification gathering, information architecture and a reiterated user-feedback process.

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The benefits of rapid prototyping

In contrast to traditional development methods for custom applications, rapid prototyping eliminates the risk of an ineffective application being built. Rapid Prototyping is a low-risk, interactive process used for the creation of software prototypes for both small and large-scale development projects. Clearly outlining the costs involved, whilst being extremely flexible, this method adapts to each organisation’s unique requirements.

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Step 1: Research and workshops

An interactive prototype is built through collaborative workshops and the sharing of project documentation to enable our information architect to gain a deep understandIng of your exact needs and requirements

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Step 2: Iteration cycle

The fully interactive software prototype is developed through a cycle of iterations with feedback being incorporated at each stage into a modified prototype. The entire rapid prototyping process can take between 3-5 days of our time and normally lasts for approximately 3 weeks. The prototyping process may take longer for large-scale custom projects.

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Step 3: Final prototype

Once your team has approved the final prototype, it can then be used as the project’s primary specification, and we can then provide an accurate cost development quotation (if required).

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Step 4: Moving forward

You can choose to proceed with the development project using our team, or the prototype can act as a guide for your in-house or third-party development teams. If you’d like to proceed with the development via our team, a project kick-off meeting will take place and a high-level project plan will be created.

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