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    • One location for teams to share information, collaborate with coworkers, and ask questions
    • Centralised document library for storing files, resources, and meeting agendas
    • A virtual community to connect their global staff
    • Customisable intranet pages for bringing all vital tools and resources into one location

Intranet Case Study – SeriousFun Children’s Network

Founded by actor and philanthropist Paul Newman, SeriousFun Children’s Network provides free camp experiences that give children with serious illnesses the opportunity to explore all that is possible. Now running 30 camps and programs across the world, SeriousFun needed an intranet that connected their global teams to one virtual community.


Customer background

SeriousFun’s mission is to create opportunities for children and their families to reach beyond serious illness and discover joy, confidence, and a new world of possibilities, always free of charge. SeriousFun camps are more than just fun — they’re life changing. The experiences and moments created at their camps have improved self-esteem, confidence, independence, social skills, and more.

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Photo credit: SeriousFun Children’s Network

Purpose of the system

SeriousFun has fully embraced their intranet – affectionately named ‘Funtranet’ – to provide camp staff from all over the world with a place to connect, collaborate, and share best practices.

Their intranet brings their camp staff together, creating a virtual community where staff can ask questions, converse with their coworkers, and have all relevant SeriousFun information and resources in one location.

SeriousFun empowers employees with intranet

SeriousFun’s desktop and mobile intranet


Our collaboration and corporate social networking tool is the most popular app on the ‘Funtranet’, helping SeriousFun staff to connect with each other and discuss break out topics.

Our intranet builder and content management system, Pages, empowers staff to create their own content. “Building out pages is easy with this tool and allows us to build pages for all of our needs,” says Jacqueline Longo, Senior Program Manager, “we can edit our homepage with ease so all relevant information is front and center.”

With camps and programs around the world, SeriousFun use our document management system to centralise all their files, best practices, and resources, providing staff with a hub for storing notes and agendas from their group calls.


Critical applications

    • Collaboration and corporate social networking tools
    • Pages intranet builder and content management system
    • Document management system


Why they liked us

No matter who you talk to at Claromentis, everyone is friendly, helpful, and willing to identify simple solutions that fit our needs.

Jacqueline Longo, Senior Program Manager


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