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Employees 1100

Industry Healthcare

Customer Since 2021

Key benefits

Faster and easier access to information thanks to content targeting tools that allow teams to only see information that’s relevant to them.

Unlimited possibilities for building e-forms and digitising processes, allowing Dessercom to go paperless.

Improved upskilling and training; teams can now develop their own e-learning courses, train employees remotely, and keep track of learner progress.

A dedicated and locally-based Claromentis account manager who is always available to help and provide support.

Intranet Case Study – Dessercom

Founded over 50 years ago, non-profit organisation Dessercom provides pre-hospital emergency services and medical transportation across 38 service points in Quebec. Following a period of rapid expansion, Dessercom needed to modernise their working practises to minimise time-consuming admin tasks, reduce staff burnout, and keep up with ever-changing health protocols. After meeting with several intranet vendors across Europe and the US, Dessercom found the perfect intranet solution in Claromentis.


“We needed a solution to digitise all our processes, reduce the number of emails sent to employees, and make information easily accessible. Claromentis was the perfect platform for us. No more PDFs, no more scanning, no more emails, no more calls to check if the person has processed the information correctly… A lot of time saved thanks to Claromentis!”

Emilie Bonneau, Communications Coordinator


Customer challenges

Dessercom’s mission is to improve the healthcare and wellbeing of Quebeckers through state-of-the-art equipment, highly skilled staff, and personalised service. Over the past 10 years, Dessercom has grown exponentially after multiple successful acquisitions, and the organisation now has over 1000 dedicated employees.

However, this period of growth introduced a lot of challenges. Unable to modernise their working practises as quickly as they were expanding, the teams at Dessercom found themselves overworked and using outdated, manual processes that consumed a lot of their time.

Dessercom also needed to keep their internal information regularly updated to reflect evolving health protocols and methods, and they were finding it unproductive to rely on external agencies to do it for them. And with 80% of their staff on the road, they needed easy access to this information, fast.



Why did Dessercom choose Claromentis?

It was clear to the teams at Dessercom that they needed an intranet platform to address their challenges, and so the search for an intranet provider began.

“We set out to find a solution that digitised our processes, reduced lengthy email chains, and improved the accessibility of our information,“ says Emilie Bonneau, Communications Coordinator at Dessercom.

Claromentis ticked all these boxes, and more, making us stand out from the competition.

“We met with several firms across Europe and the US, and Claromentis was the perfect platform for us. It stood out because it provided endless possibilities for developing and managing online forms, allowed us to target information to the right people and groups, and has helped us go completely paperless,” says Emilie.

No more paperwork, and a lot of saved time

Thanks to our e-forms and workflows software, the teams at Dessercom have been able to streamline their internal processes, leading to significant time savings and a drastic reduction in email usage.

Now, the majority of Dessercom’s processes are managed by completing a simple online form, which is automatically sent to the relevant team members and handled directly within the platform. This has been pivotal to reducing time-consuming admin for busy teams and improving accountability: “Now, there are no more PDFs, no more scanning, no more attachments to emails, no more calls to check if the person has processed the information correctly… a lot of time saved!” says Emilie.


Dessercom has gone completely paperless by taking their processes online using Claromentis’ e-forms and workflows software


Faster access to important information

Quick access to important information and documentation was a priority for Dessercom, especially as 80% of their workforce are always on the road.

Since using Claromentis, the teams at Dessercom are able to target information to specific staff and groups, ensuring that people only see what’s relevant to them and their role.

The ability to centralise and target content has also allowed Dessercom to take their information management in-house, rather than outsource it to an external agency. This has enabled teams to make frequent and fast updates to content themselves, ensuring that the information they hold reflects the latest changes in healthcare protocols and methods.


Thanks to Claromentis’ content targeting tools, Dessercom has taken their information management in-house

Improved staff training and upskilling

Because Dessercom’s staff and services cover such a large territory, it was always difficult for their trainers to keep their teams’ skills and personal development up-to-date.

Now, thanks to Claromentis’ in-built learning management system, trainers have the power to develop their own online training courses and deliver these across the entire organisation.

With all learning materials available online, teams can improve their knowledge remotely, whilst trainers can easily monitor learner progress.


Teams can now develop their skills remotely thanks to Claromentis’ learning management system


“We launched our intranet 3 months ago and already we can totally depend on it. We’re very happy with our intranet and we cannot wait to make it evolve to meet our needs as the years pass!”

Emilie Bonneau, Communications Coordinator


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