3 Things You Should Know About Document Management

3 Things You Should Know About Document Management | Claromentis

Convenience and security in a digital workplace are usually diametrically opposed. The more convenient it is to gain access to something, the less secure it is, and vice versa. Technology often only enhances this sliding scale of convenience versus security. But a strong document management system can offer you both. Here’s how:

Create tiers of access to your documents

Not every employee requires access to every document. Employees in your sales department only need to see their customers’ order forms and, in some cases, their specific terms of service. People in finance need to access records and files for payables and receivables. Executives, of course, need to be able to see everything.

Instead of leaving every document open for employees to access or download, automate your system. For example, use permissions to provide users’ the level of access they require. Not only does this partial visibility protect vital data, it also makes the interface much less bulky for users.

Document permissions | Claromentis
Define document access rights using permissions


Lock down paper documents

If you have to store physical records for a requisite three or seven years, then dedicate a storage room that next to no one can gain access to. Then give the task of scanning, electronically filing, and physically storing the documents to a dedicated employee. Once the files are available online to those who need them, no one should need the paper copy.

This helps protect the integrity of the information. Unlike with electronic files, it’s almost impossible to know when you’re missing a paper file or if someone made an unauthorised copy. If no one is supposed to be in the file room, it’s a lot easier to notice when someone is breaking protocol.

Keep your version control crystal clear

When everyone is collaborating on the same document, different versions are created constantly. Without clear version control, someone who joins the editing process late in the game may get easily confused.

An individual login, which allows each user to view and edit the same document simultaneously, prevents any complication. Everyone can clearly see the most recent changes, so they will be less likely to duplicate someone else’s work. It’s also beneficial to business owners or those in charge, as they are able to monitor which users have made which additions.

Document versions | Claromentis
Easily keep track of document version control


Not only that, it takes far too long to forward different versions of documents via email to several parties. Intranet software with built-in document management makes it much easier to keep track of process.

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