Top 10 Countdown to Making the Most of Your Intranet

10. Run Survey / Poll

It’s quick and easy to do, launch regular surveys to get users’ feedback on almost any subjects, for a change, try to create surveys that sit outside the corporate agenda, pick casual topics related to everyday life, political debate, sustainability issues, or entertainment – here are some ideas:

  • Cool movie of the month
  • Casual Friday? (yes no)
  • Choose company smart phone? (iPhone or Blackberry)
  • How do you travel to work?
  • How’s your weekend?
  • What do you think of Gordon Brown?

Claromentis Intranet Polls

9. RSS feed

Embedding relevant RSS feeds to departmental intranet pages is one of the easiest ways to get fresh news delivered to your corporate intranet. RSS news from HSE (Health & Safety Executive can be added to the corporate Health & Safety Page, or an RSS from a popular design blog is perfectly suitable for a Creative department’s homepage, for instance. It will not only help keep team  members  aware of what’s going on out there, it will also help staff from other departments know more about what you’re doing.

Claromentis Intranet RSS Feed

8. Enable commenting

Everyone likes commenting. Sometimes reading people’s comments in a blog is more interesting than the actual post itself. We want to hear what people say but at the same we like to be heard. Staff’s comments can be invaluable in the improvement of a  business and organisation as a whole. In Claromentis commenting can be enabled for documents, news, and publish pages.

Claromentis News Application Comments

7. Classifieds (Craigslist)

Have you ever noticing communal pin boards next to the kitchen is full of classifieds, from selling used cars, sharing apartments to cheap concert tickets. Having an electronic version of classifieds right in the corporate intranet can help draw users back to the system.  If you still like the pin board, you can print out the classified section on your intranet and post it there!

Claromentis Intranet Forums

6. Treasure Hunt

Yes a treasure hunt. Simply hide content within the corporate intranet and run a competition to find it. One of our clients had tried this and it was a great success. It’s definitely a fun and exciting way to get users familiar with their corporate intranet without the need to have formal training.

Intranet Treasure Hunt
Prize winner for the intranet treasure hunt

5. Business Dashboard

Businesses are surrounded with data; but they are sharing one common problem. The data is not visual enough to draw our attention. The Claromentis ICDashboards module works by pulling through data from our Business Process Management platform, and allows you to view a data visualisation of your business workflows. This can be business statistics, KPI (Key Performance Index), weekly sales figures, real-time number of visitors, stock chart, and much more.

Claromentis ICDashboards Module

4. Up-to-date Content

The essence of a corporate intranet is storing and finding information, if users can’t find information they want accurately & effortlessly, it almost guaranteed that they won’t come back. The reality is always harder than theory but you can’t underestimate the importance of having the most up-to-date information on your company intranet.

Content is King | Claromentis
Content is king!

3. Develop Personas while improving usability

Regularly check your stats & analytics, ask users and identify 3 main areas that are frequently visited on the company intranet. Fast Access buttons provide speedy access to these areas, and while you’re doing this you are developing personas at the same time – improving usability of your corporate intranet.

Claromentis Fast Access Buttons

2. Implement built-in apps

Claromentis offers business-ready built-in applications which can be implemented straight within a corporate intranet. These applications include image gallery, holiday & vacation planner, group calendars, and forums.

Claromentis Intranet Calendar

1. Business processes

Having your business process built right into the employee intranet is number 1 on the list of company intranet ideas. It transforms the corporate intranet into something much more than just a communication & collaboration platform. The intranet becomes an indispensable business application where day-to-day business processes sit on top of an information layer, in a single integrated system. Claromentis provides several products such as Business Process Manager, and Learning Management Platform, and it can all be implemented directly within your company intranet.

Claromentis Learning Management System

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 Countdown to Making the Most of Your Intranet
  • Very informative article on intranet! Intranet sure is a boom for organizations and if used with its full capability, helps saving lots of money and time.

  • Here is a thought for you regarding #8 Enable Commenting. Many years ago, when I was with a different company, I had responsibility for both Internet and Intranet sites. I felt that an open policy on commenting would be beneficial to our culture (making us more close knit). As you can imagine, I had major push back from the other executives. While I was able to get a pilot program going, it wasn’t long until we had our first “Employee Complaint”. I was immediately asked to remove the comment feature, which I thought would have been disasterous to labor/management relations. So, I came up with a plan to allow all to make comments, then like a radio-station 7 second delay – we could review to determine whether to post publicly. Now, that’s nothing new. In fact, once people catch on to censoring – it could be worse than if you had just removed the ability to comment. Here’s what we did that made it work – we made it so that regardless of management’s decision on whether to post publicly – the comment would appear, as if it was there for everyone, for the original comment maker. This has been in place for nearly a decade and worked like a charm!

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