What is an Intranet Application?

Once again today I was talking to a potential intranet customer and I was asked “how many applications do you have?”

This is a challenge we have met many times, and that I think we will continue to face.

One of our core values is clarity – we have focused our website since 2009 to be as clear as possible about our products – the fact that we now offer our intranet clients a choice of 7 major products that address the following significant pure open source extendable areas of functionality:

  • Intranets and Extranets
  • Processes
  • Sales
  • Projects
  • Quality and compliance
  • Content management
  • Document management


So what does this mean for a client trying to understand what collaboration framework to invest in?

I think that once again it is all about clarity. We have to explain that having a pre packaged form for staff to order a cheese sandwich is not an intranet application – it is a tiny customization. We have to engage our potential customers at the appropriate level where we can make a difference to the achievements of their company.

Unfortunately it is a hangover from the understandable local software world of “what exactly do I get for my money” and “feature comparisons” that understandably some customers still adopt this mindset when looking for significant business impact from a powerful and customizable collaboration framework like Claromentis.

Our challenge at Claromentis as always is to be transparent, clear and engaging with everyone who has an interest in how we might be able to impact their business.

The challenge for our potential customers is to see the process of ordering a cheese sandwich for what it really is – a simple match between users and a temporary object of desire. This requires about 5 lines of code and a database table.

Is this an intranet application?
Is this an intranet application?

Is this a major software application that is going to make a significant difference to my business?

No it is not …

… Easy to say when you aren’t hungry.

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FYI: 👋   You’ve found an old blog! Please note that the features mentioned here may not work or look in the way described – in fact, they’re even bigger and better in the latest version of Claromentis! Try our software to see our latest features in action.

2 thoughts on “What is an Intranet Application?
  • I would say that it is not going to make a significant difference your business unless your business has 10,000 workers who all eat sandwiches for lunch. If this is the case then it would obviously speed up the ordering process and prevent bottlenecks at point of ordering. It would also avoid carnage and upset as hungry workers queued for food!

    Further to that, the ‘tool’ would be useful for the sole purpose of it being a reason for employees to visit the intranet. In my opinion, any tool that brings users to an intranet is a useful tool!

    Is it an application? If it was purely a form that fired off an email then no, but if that form linked to a database and a webpage that allowed the management of those orders then yes, it would be classified as an application. I prefer the word tool to application, not for any real reason other than it’s easier to type 🙂 [not strictly true]

  • Great comment thanks.

    I think there is indeed a valid point here that any tool that improves take up of the intranet is indeed making a contribution and therefore has value.

    On one of our client systems an extremely popular section was live traffic feeds from web cams on the highway just outside the office – again this can scarcely be described as an application, but is really useful when deciding your route home.

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