What is an Intranet Application? The Basics Explained

Once again today I was talking to a potential intranet customer, and I was asked “how many applications do you have?”

What is an intranet application?

Intranet applications are software data applications that are used primarily on the internal network of an organisation. These applications deliver information more accurately and instantly than traditional methods such as emails and phone calls.

Discussions about intranet applications and functionality can be a challenge, and one that I think we will continue to face.

Top 8 intranet applications

One of our core values is clarity – we have focused our website since 2009 to be as clear as possible about our products – the fact that we now offer our intranet clients a choice of 8 major products that address the following significant areas of functionality:

  • Intranets and extranets
  • Processes
  • Sales
  • Projects
  • Quality and compliance
  • Content management
  • Document management
  • Employee engagement


Company intranet and extranets

An intranet is a private network that allows employees to share information and collaborate with other members of the company.

The term “intranet” refers to a website that is only accessible from within the company’s domain.

A business extranet is a website that can be accessed from outside the company, but it typically cannot be edited by anyone outside of the company. The purpose of an extranet is to provide a shared space for different departments to communicate with one another, and often this shared space might include collaboration tools such as an employee directory and to help facilitate information exchange and employee engagement.

Business processes

Have you ever thought about your company’s business processes being part of your intranet software?

An intranet can help you to create a more efficient workplace and improve the way that your company interacts with its customers. With this kind of simple change, your business can see a substantial increase in project management productivity and efficiency. It can also help your company to present a professional image to the public.

Sales processes

A new trend in business is the use of an intranet for sales processes. A lot of companies are giving their intranet users more access to information such as company news and calendars, while also offering a platform to share ideas and knowledge with one another. The idea is that this process will help employees become more productive while also improving customer service.

Quality and compliance

Many organisations struggle with compliance and quality issues. By using the intranet’s workflows and security, companies can improve the overall efficiency of their business and lower their risk for costly regulatory fines.

Content management

Content management is a significant part of every business. It’s the process of organising and managing all the content generated by your company and its employees. Intranet Content Management Systems (intranet CMS) help businesses manage content over time and across different mediums. An intranet CMS also helps you to share information, collaborate with others, and deliver interesting, relevant content for customers.

Document management

Corporate documents and their management is one of the most vital aspects of an organization’s day-to-day work. Every company should have a document management plan. With this tool, your company can use the document management tools to stay organized and reduce employee complaints about lack of information available.

Employee engagement

Staff engagement is an often-looked factor for a company’s success and profitability.

It has been proven that engaged employees are more likely to have a positive work experience, are more productive, and are less likely to leave their organisation.

Private networks like the intranet encourage collaboration by provide tools to help motivate employees by providing them with information about company operations and work culture. Also, by giving employees real-time feedback on their contributions and helping them feel valued, you can see a significant increase in overall satisfaction among your staff.


So, what does this mean for a client trying to understand what collaboration framework to invest in?

I think that once again it is all about clarity. We must explain that having a pre-packaged form for staff to order a cheese sandwich is not an intranet application – it is a tiny customisation. We must engage our potential customers at the appropriate level where we can make a difference to the achievements of their company.

Unfortunately, it is a hangover from the understandable local software world of “what exactly do I get for my money” and “feature comparisons” that understandably some customers still adopt this mindset when looking for significant business impact from a powerful and customisable collaboration framework like Claromentis.

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